Therapist's Guide To The Emerging Sensitive Program

Video Guide For Therapists

This video provides a brief explanation of how the Emerging Sensitive Program relates to and differs from therapy. It is meant to connect the sensitive experience with social structures so that sensitive people can move more easily and shine in the world. These frameworks provide the social contexts for creating win-win situations. They support healing processes by providing important perspective around social identities, and what cultural systems accept, reject and why so we are not unintentionally rewounding ourselves.

I believe that sensitive people with their deep processing, sensitivity to nuance, creativity, and conscientiousness have a natural talent for responsibility. Without the social and cultural contexts of different cultural worlds, it is difficult to identify good social choices. Without understand different perspectives of cultural systems, success becomes hit or miss with unfortunate impacts on mental and emotional states as well as confidence. It can be difficult to connect one's personal values with those of people in other cultural systems when we do not understand the source of incompatibilities. These issues can be rectified with frameworks and the clarity they provide about how the word works.

The Power Of Patterns

Over a 12 month period in the Emerging Sensitive Program, we take a journey through the hidden frameworks of culture, personal development, and nature. This journey will weave culture, archetypes, skills, values, and energetic qualities so that each month participants reclaim the energies and gifts of their sensitive nature. Sensitive people are naturally oriented toward the big picture which often manifests as visionary capabilities. They can become stronger in their visionary capacities through the perspectives offered by frameworks.  

Patterns provide the building blocks of life to connect sensitivity to nuance with the world around you. They bring light and perspective to human differences that make it easier to find constructive solutions to life's challenges.

The Emerging Sensitive Program provides the "why" behind the events and relationship disconnects sensitive people experience. As a result, the conscientious nature of sensitive people finds greater satisfaction because sensitive participants learn how right they often are even if their expectations and hopes may miss the mark. Understanding the lived reality of others makes boundary setting easier and realistic expectations more natural.

Mental Shifts Through Distinctions

The Emerging Sensitive Program illuminates the hidden frameworks of a variety of cultures and stages of personal development. The various cultural systems are unique living worlds created to solve human problems and advance our development and quality of life. When you understand them better and what they are all about, it is easier to identify what is going on around you. Rather than consign differences to identity and personality which may be useful, we flesh out the deeper constructs of human life that make finer distinctions possible. 

When we look at distinctions we are learning not just about unique cultures but also some of the cultural messaging that can create confusion and be unhelpful. An example is the distinction between the heavily messaged phrase "do not give up" and perseverance. Not giving up is a much used cultural message. Sometimes individuals use the phrase to encourage our perseverance when we lose faith. However, I have also seen it used to encourage us to keep giving and giving, and not making changes. It can encourage us to remain self-sacrificing to support the status quo. Sometimes it is meant to encourage us but other times it can actually promote procrastination on needed change and be disempowering. Perseverance is more of an internally driven quality. Perseverance is what we draw on internally to keep working on a project or on our inner healing. One is more outside in and the other is more inside out. 

We develop awareness about distinctions from learning the different cultural frameworks and also from the movies we look at where we can identify different behaviors and choices and discuss what is going on with them. All of our movies are a healthier manifestation of their cultural system and the main character is grappling with issues about authenticity in relating to the culture. As a result we can reconsider our own journey through the experience of others and develop insights and distinctions that help us make constructive shifts. We can also recognize healthy manifestations of energies, like aggression that we may shy away from and also discuss the cultural messaging around the choices being made in these movies. So the program is like having a lab. 

Connecting The Dots

When we connect our sensitivity to nuance to cultural and personal development systems, our energetic perceptions come to life. What happens is that we are able to locate our experiences and intuitive perception in social space in a way that we cannot otherwise. 

Learning cultural systems helps us understand better the limitations of people who live in different cultural worlds and also what they value and how they define their purpose in life. We also learn about toxic and healthy manifestations of these cultural systems so we develop a more relaxed and naturally wiser attitude toward differences.  

Connecting the dots is not just a mental capability but it also helps us work with energetic information constructively. It becomes a skill we can use out in the world. It helps us develop our discernment and can feel like a protective energy field. There are long-term healing benefits to being able to process our energetic experience with greater wisdom so we do not go around in circles with the unresolved issues or rewound ourselves unnecessarily.. Frameworks help us be kinder to ourselves and others. 

The Three Anchors: The Core Of The Program

Learning about sensitivity is one step in mastering your trait. In order to be truly effective and constructive in the world, sensitive people also need to master some additional tools and skills to be able to connect with culture in meaningful and constructive ways.  The Emerging Sensitive Program is a vehicle to develop the additional awareness and skills for more effective living. 

There are 3 interrelated anchors:

  1. 8 Cultural Frameworks,
  2. 8 Soulcentric Development Steps
  3. 8 Co-Creator Skills. 

Each month's program is a deep dive connecting these interrelated and complementary anchors for a rich understanding of their value. As a result not only do participants develop greater awareness, but also they become more sophisticated in their ability to synthesize the framework information for more accurate and compassionate perceptions.

What happens as a result is that the inner critic is muted because the mind has another tool other than self-criticism for making sense of the world - a better one because the inner critic does not illuminate it merely berates us. The mind then becomes an ally rather than an obstacle stuck in ruminating. You are able to release self-doubt because you have the "why's" for past events which creates resolution for events stuck in your mind and energy.

Cultural Frameworks

Sensitive people connect with energy more than culture. Understanding cultural frameworks means that sensitive people now know how relationships and social situations work, why they have not in the past, and how to use their sensitive gifts and insights effectively. You will learn to identify the gifts of past cultural systems so you can fully claim all of your energies and use them wisely. You will also be able to locate kindred spirits and compatible environments for work and friendship.

Co-Creator Skills

The patterns of human development give us the tools to move into a co-creator role with the universe. Once you have clarity about each stage of development, you can minimize toxicity in your life and harness your sensitive gifts. You will be able to understand why you have rejected some energies, and also understand pitfalls around energies you may embrace.  A new and constructive perspective will help you feel energized and whole.

The Soul's Process

Our inner self or soul is our guide to our connection with the natural unfolding of life. It helps us understand where we are energetically and why sometimes our energies may feel out of alignment especially with the world around us. Connecting with this process helps us listen to our energy from a more informed place so we invest our energy wisely.

We are all conditioned to fit in and conform. However, we are created to reform and redefine to be human. Creating is all about expressing our own unique self. Maria's course material and coaching provided me with knowledge and safety to stop the resistance and move into the awareness of my being.

Tammy Junker

Maria's deep knowledge of how Highly Sensitive People work is only paired by her kindness and willingness to listen. During the course, you will be not only learning from Maria, but you will be able to actively exchange opinions, ideas, and receive feedback from her. This ongoing learning experience makes the course incredibly interactive and engaging! Moreover, the online community really does make a difference. I was able to meet like-minded people with whom I felt comfortable enough to share very private and intimate issues. I was also able to network with some of the other attendees, learning more about their life journeys and careers, which it a great added value! Basically, the course feels like a "fireside chat" with friends and colleagues in which you learn by experience. I would recommend it to anyone, not only HSPs!

Ginevra Are, Intercultural Trainer from Italy relocated to LA

Maria E. Hill is the creator of the Sensitive Evolution Course for Highly Sensitive People, (HSPs), which has been a valuable tool for my self-growth. I am 79- years old and have had many years of various therapies and many other teachings about how to understand myself and others and find my place and role in our often confusing world.

Maria is a gentle, compassionate, and brilliant guide whose course has guided me through the stressful task of finding myself, in and out of the many variations of my personal culture. She has gifted me with a higher and deeper level of understanding my personal and work relationships, and how to deal with other Life challenges. I have learned to appreciate my HSP qualities and skills, and have more confidence as a creative leader in today’s world.

Sensitive Evolution has also helped me understand the biodynamics of other cultures and I have learned to build my patience and compassion muscles more each day as an HSP who is very different than many people. I wish that everyone could experience Maria’s creative understandings of our present cultural chaos and share in her maturity and wisdom.

Judith Fine-Sarchielli, Life And Marketing Coach

Maria's foundation course has helped me to shine a more reassuring and informed light on my high sensitivity. This has helped me to feel kinder to myself in the now, more positive about my past and more hopeful for the future. I feel lighter and brighter and I can share this energy with my loved ones which is a pleasure. I am delighted to have started this journey and look forward to future Emerging Sensitive courses.'s foundation course has helped me to shine a more reassuring and informed light on my high sensitivity. This has helped me to feel kinder to myself in the now, more positive about my past and more hopeful for the future. I feel lighter and brighter and I can share this energy with my loved ones which is a pleasure. I am delighted to have started this journey and look forward to future Emerging Sensitive courses.

Claire, Health Coach

Emerging Sensitive Course is a great opportunity to meet like-minded souls around the globe. Together with Maria and the participants, I learned how to mindfully value HSP skills. Finally, the course offered me the opportunity for a bigger picture perspective, something I highly estimate and now use in my everyday life - business and private. Last but not least I enjoy knowing that there is an HSP home out there. Maria you rock, thank you for offering this amazing opportunity! Keep doing what works so well already 🙂

Regina Reinhardt, Senior Cross-Cultural Executive Coach, Switzerland/Greece

The Emerging Sensitive course provided me with a new way of looking at myself and others, based on human evolution. This helped me to feel more understanding and less judgmental of both myself and others. It also increased my confidence in my HSP self and in my observations, thinking, and choices. In my opinion, this content should become standard public knowledge, which would really improve teamwork on every level of society.


What's Included

NEW! Community

A private (non-Facebook) space for connecting, sharing, and support to implementing the skills of the course.

Live Calls

Enjoy live calls discussing sensitivity, the experience of being sensitive and the processing of information and energy.


Courses on identity, relationships, work, cultural and personal development frameworks for a solid foundation for living.

Recorded Calls

Special recorded calls enhance your understanding by showing you how the frameworks are applied to daily life.


Movies And Stories

Movies, stories, poems and other media to enlarge your experience and help you visualize new possibilities.

Lots Of Resources

Articles, insights, models, courses, groups, and resources for mutual connecting, sharing and encouragement.


Program In A Nutshell

  • 12 unique monthly programs for learning frameworks, co-creator skills, soul-centric personal development and learning how to work with and integrate these new skills. 
  • 5-12 unique learnings per week:  videos, audios, articles, and insights to help you learn about the three anchors.
  • Focus courses on the topics of:
    • sensitivity
    • work
    • introduction to Ayurveda for health
    • manifesting
    • cultural frameworks
    • soul-centric development.
  • Numerous exercises for exploring your experience and reframing your perceptions and beliefs.
  • Many models to expand your ability to make important distinctions including:
    • the many forms of control
    • a model for weakness and what it tells you
    • core values of teamwork
    • the power of intimacy
    • a model for how cultures create and enforce participation.
    • a model for the behavioral manifestations of open and closed systems.
  • Skills to help you use the frameworks including an exercise to turn tension into a tool of discovery and possibility and a simple, modular process for achieving objectives.
  • 2 recorded calls per month to take concepts and frameworks to bring them to life.
  • 2 live calls per month to discuss a relevant movie and other media for having a lived experience of the frameworks.
  • Stories to help you assimilate and integrate new ideas.
  • NEW! Special private community focused on applying skills to living in the world including special movie discussions.
  • Access to all new programs created for the Emerging Sensitive Program.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Responsive Design - can be accessed from all devices.



The course was created by Maria Hill, founder of Sensitive Evolution.  She is lifelong explorer and synthesizer of the sensitive experience. Her explorations of old wisdom and new emerging frameworks give her a unique perspective on the experience of sensitive people and their potential contribution to the world.

Maria is the author of The Emerging Sensitive: A Guide For Finding Your Place In The World, through which sensitive people can discover their natural place in a changing world. Her special gift comes from her understanding of the relationship between the sensitive experience and the hidden frameworks that drive human development and culture. She is committed to helping sensitive people acquire the tools to transform their understanding of themselves and their life journey so their talents and lived experience becomes an asset and source of joy.

You can visit this link to see her background.

The course is by design self-paced. You can go as fast or as slow as you would like and learn according to your own learning style. 
Each week you will receive a minimum of three to as many as 12 different types of information including videos, audios, articles about concepts and applying them to your life. Each month we will offer additional mini-courses on the frameworks as well as specialty courses. March is an example of this: we offer a special mini-course on the sensitive trait during this month.
Several times per month you will access recorded calls that help you see how the concepts work. It is important for you to see someone using the information so you have an idea of how to apply it.  In addition, we offer our popular discussion calls each month on movies and videos related to the month's learning. For ongoing support and connecting with others, you can participate in the Emerging Sensitive Community. 
Invest the time that you want each week. The program is a lifetime program because most people work on the material over several years to learn the concepts, see how to use the ideas, and then integrate them into your life as a skill. You will need about two to three hours per week of your time. The calls will be one hour 2x per month. Then any additional time you want to put into the community connecting with others is optional but recommended. We have a good group of kind and smart people here for you to enjoy.
The important thing is that you take in the concepts and allow yourself to be with the ideas and information because they are freeing and the learning process is meant to be a natural one. What happens for many people is that when they are going about your day they start to consider the ideas in light of what they are doing and people have lots of little lightbulb moments or opportunities to reconsider something that has bothered them. It all happens as a series of baby steps. It is truly a journey - and an adventure!. 

You have lifetime access to the program. That includes being able to participate in calls in future years and access to all the additional material added to enhance the learning. 

We are happy to offer a gift program. We have different gift amounts available so that you can offer a friend or family member a partial payment of the course fee. 

Our gift program can be used as a birthday or holiday gift. It is available at any time of the year. 

We offer generous compensation for referrals through our affiliate program.

In the first 30 days of the program if for any reason you notify us by email of a need to cancel your participation in the program, we will refund your payment, no questions asked.

Enrollment is once a year. Once the course starts in January enrollment will be closed until the next enrollment period for the next year's course. You are welcome, however, to the Emerging Sensitive Community to begin a process of exploration and change .

Collaboration Opportunities

The Emerging Sensitive Program and its complementary community offer a lot of support for therapists and the people they work with. The program is available for any therapist who wishes to take it at our best discounted rate of 30%. The standard and discounted pricing is listed below. 

Single Payment

$1327 one payment
  • Full Price: $1897 ($6900 value)
  • Gift card eligible
  • Lifetime access to the program
  • 30 day money back guarantee after program starts

12 Monthly Payments

$110.60 per Month
  • Full Price: $1897 ($6900 value)
  • Gift card eligible
  • Lifetime access to the program
  • 30 day money back guarantee after program starts

24 Monthly Payments

$55.00 per Month
  • Full Price: $1897 ($6900 value)
  • Gift card eligible
  • Lifetime access to the program
  • 30 day money back guarantee after program starts

Affiliate Opportunity

Another way to work with Sensitive Evolution on this program is through our affiliate program. If interested or if you have any questions about the program, contact us using the form below. I hope you have found this information helpful and look forward to hearing from you.

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