Soulcentric Practices

Welcome To Soulcentric Practices

We are going to explore Soulcentric Practices throughout the program. These practices have multiple purposes:

  • reacquaint us with the gifts of nature
  • help us rediscover naturally based pleasures that have been lost in modern culture.
  • connect us with the natural unfolding process of life that nature teaches
  • provide a link to our deeper nature
  • welcome soulcentric dreams that can point us in new and happier directions.

We will be exploring these practices each month in a call specifically designed for exploring these important forms of  life affirming support.


Tension Exercise

We all seek harmony. When we experience disharmony of any kind whether it is between people or between our desires and reality we seek a way to resolve the situation. The tension tool explained in this video is an excellent tool to use to resolve disharmony because it creates the conditions that allow possibilities to emerge,

Watch the video to learn this technique. .

Soulcentric Practices



Soulcentric dreamwork is an invitation we extend to the universe ort mystery as some like to call it to talk to us, communicate to us information from our deeper unconsciousness so we can listen for the important messages about what we need and what needs to change in us.


When we wander we go out into nature often with a question or a specific question to understand more about ourselves. They can last for one to two hours or can be much longer. The idea is to cross over to the mystery of life and connect with it, see what we connect with, and allow ourselves to be informed.



Letters are a great and accessible soulcentric exercise to express something we are feeling to nature or you parts of ourselves that need to hear from our wiser, more mature self. They are away of making conscious our understandings and learnings so they can be received by unconscious parts of ourself or by mystery.


Play is something we can enjoy when we are young but are often taught to give up as adults because that is what "serious" adults do. Nothing could be further from the truth. Play, artistic or otherwise, is one of the most important skills you can have for being a proactive, open, and effective problem solver.



Ceremonies are a great way to let go of old contracts, to cross a threshold, to make a commitment to a change. Ceremonies can be used to relinquish the past, honor ourselves and others, mark the end of a phase of life, and honor or express gratitude for what we have in our lives. There are many wonderful ways to use ceremonies to express appreciation in our lives.

Praise Walk

Praise walks are a gret way to start the day although they can be done at any time. They are a way to make sure we are noticing all the good in our lives and acknowledging it. That spirit of appreciatio allows us to know how much we are supported. As David Whyte says, it is a mistake to assume we are alone. The Praise Walk makes sure we recognize that we are accompanied by many beings and other forms of support.



Meditation is used for many purposes. From a soulcentric perspective, we use meditation to connect with one source, the universe, to feel how we are part of the one energy that exists in everything and everyone. Meditation also connects us with our innocence and helps us detach from our strategic mind.

Cross Species Conversations

Cross species conversations are fun. Putting ourselves in the shoes of another being and talking to them about what is happening with them, is a wonderful way to open up our experience of being connected to all other beings - all beings in nature.



Poems are a special way to transform ourselves because they invite us into a special energetic relationship with the written word.  David Whyte has said, that being told something is not the same as having an experience. Poems are an experience and that is why they are so valuable as soulcentric practices.


Movement, especially spontaneous movement is valuable for connecting with our energies and feeling our energy in our bodies. There are many different types of movement that can be helpful including movement medicine, movement practices like ecstatic dance and NIA, or simply our own spontaneous expression of what is happening in our bodies.