Relieve Chronic Pain with Ayurveda

Do you suffer from chronic pain?

Does it seem as if the amount of pain you are experiencing is growing over time rather than diminishing?

Do you have a hard time functioning because of chronic pain?

Is it hard to relieve your chronic pain with medication?

What Causes Chronic Pain?

There are many causes of pain. Certainly, trauma can result in a permanent condition with daily and chronic pain. However, not all pain comes from trauma like accidents or injuries of some sort.

Much chronic pain comes from imbalances in the body that accumulate over time to the point that they interfere with the normal functioning of the body.

It may seem like a stretch, chronic pain most often comes from a variety of causes related to our living situation. According to Ayurveda, the following are the general types of imbalances at the source of most chronic conditions, including chronic pain:

  • Toxins accumulating in tissues and blocking circulation
  • Poor nutrition
  • Poor digestion
  • Imbalance of the nervous system
  • Accumulation of physical and mental stress
  • Lowering of natural resistance and immunity

The modern medical approach that matches drugs to symptoms does not completely address many of these factors. As a result, modern medicine often cannot fully remove the disorder and the condition becomes chronic. Chronic means that the condition persists over time even with the best modern medical treatment, indicating that some new approach is needed in our health care system.

Visualizing The Causes Of Chronic Pain

One way to begin to understand chronic pain is to visualize how your body works.

Our bodies are very complex, high functioning organisms. Each part of your body has a function to perform and cannot do so if interfered with.

Here are just four ways in which our bodies can be interfered with that will cause toxic buildup and eventually chronic pain:

  1. our digestion is not working properly. One particularly damaging cause of illness and chronic pain comes from our digestion system:
    1.  we are eating at the wrong time
    2. we eat too frequently so that our digestive system cannot digest all of the food we ate
    3. we eat the wrong foods we cannot easily digest which means food will not be processed. Processed foods and fast foods are particularly harmful. They will cause toxic accumulation resulting in disease and chronic pain
    4. eating when we are upset
    5. eating while watching TV, or engaging in any other activity will also create problems because our brains are occupied with the activity and not eating and so the meal does not register in the brain resulting in overeating and obesity.
  2. we accumulate toxins. So if you start to accumulate toxins in your cells, the cells cannot function well. Then a domino effect occurs that interferes with the functioning of other cells. When the process has gone on for long enough, impairment, pain, and disease are the results.
  3. we have too much stress in our lives. Stress causes a rise in your blood sugar levels and if that situation is chronic, your body will think it is in a state of emergency for a long time, depleting all of your energy and food stores so that you become tired, depleted and your immune system becomes compromised. This situation also leads to metabolic disorder and eventually diabetes. Reducing stress helps prevent chronic illness and the pain that goes with it.
  4. we have a lot of chaos and anxiety. The Vata biosystem or dosha of the body governs our mind, brai, and movement in the body. When our body is clogged in any way whether from toxins or food we are stopping the natural flow of nutrients to our cells and the elimination of wastes. Constipation is a perfect example of a Vata imbalance that can result in chronic pain and disease. Perhaps you have had the experience of having a headache or joint pains that were released when constipation ended.

What Can You Do To Relieve Chronic Pain?

When you become aware that stress, chaos, processed food, poor digestion, and toxins can accumulate and cause disease as well as chronic pain, you can start to do something about it.

Here are some simple solutions:

  • eat a beet every day. Beets clean the liver, the bile which often becomes thick and sluggish and improved the digestion. According to Dr. John Douillard of Lifespa, beets are a great cleanser for the body. Beets also help the lymph system located around your stomach which helps your immune system.
  • eat three meals a day in an agreeable environment to let your body fully digest each meal so that you do not accumulate undigested food in your body.
  • get 8 hours of sleep at night. You will have an easier time making changes if you are getting adequate rest.
  • drink water. Warm water consumed every 15-20 minuted throughout the day will help you remove toxins from the body.
  • find a good stress reduction practice for yourself. Many people like meditation.
  • add some  supplements:
    • Triphala is great for detoxing and improving constipation symptoms
    • Neem is excellent for supporting the immune system
    • Manjistha and turmeric are great detoxers
    • pain-freeBoswellia with turmeric and ginger can help with joints
    • anxiety-free capsules for reducing stress and anxiety.

There is so much you can do by changing diet and your daily schedule.

Relieving the burden on the body of accumulated toxins will start a process of natural pain relief and is worth undertaking because no one deserves to live in pain.

Note: this article is for information only and not meant to replace the advice of a physician. Sensitive Evolution has an affiliate arrangement with Lifespa.

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