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Sensitive Evolution Referral Program

Introducing Sensitive Evolution's Refer-A-Friend Program

Friends Have Each Other's Backs

We all need people who get us and support us. We all need a place for the healing support that can make all the difference in these challenging times.

I firmly believe that real friends have each other's backs. That is why we are introducing our new Refer-A-Friend program as a way for sensitive people and empaths to help themselves and support each other. 

This is a win-win offer. When you refer someone and they sign up to the Referral Program, both you and your friend receive referral rewards which are discount coupons that you can use to enjoy the transformational Magic Of Joy program and the immersive Emerging Sensitive Program.

We welcome you to increase the joy in your life with your friends through our programs.

Maria Hill, Founder, Sensitive Evolution


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Win-Win For You And Your Friends

Rewards Right Off The Bat

Referral Rewards can be applied to the Magic Of Joy quantum healing program or the Emerging Sensitive Program.


  • Sign-up: $50 coupon
  • Referral bonuses: $60 coupon for 20 individuals signing up.
  • No limit on the number of signups to the referral program.



Your Key To Some Amazing Benefits

Tackle inherited energetic blocks

Support for mastering cultural challenges

Share and support others to release social crud

Turn life into an adventure

Lifelong free community access

Find your place in these great transformative times 

The Refer-A-Friend Program

to,We are serious at Sensitive Evolution about making life better for sensitive people. Our flagship program, The Emerging Sensitive, helps sensitive people get a handle on cultural systems so that they can navigate the world with greater ease and confidence. Our new program, The Magic Of Joy, provides energy healing through the effective techniques of quantum healing so that sensitive people can release old programs and conditioning and free their energy to more fully participate in the world.

We are happy to offer this Refer-A-Friend Program so that more sensitive people can enjoy these transformative programs. There are two ways you gain coupons: once on signup and then through referring others to this program. For each referral, you earn a credit of $3 and the person you refer does as well. When you have accumulated $60 you can receive a coupon to be applied to one of the programs. There is no limit to the number of coupon credits you can accumulate.

Complete and submit the form to the right to get started. Once you do, you will receive your referral link and the sharing widget. We distribute rewards coupons once a week on the weekends.

We look forward to welcoming you into the programs.