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In order to turn your sensitivity into the gift it is, you require insights, support, and tools so you can:

  • connect the awareness which comes from your sensitivity to nuance to an understanding of how the world works and is evolving.
  • get clarity about risk so you can set more confident boundaries and easily make comfortable and loving choices.
  • process what you are seeing and experiencing in order to eliminate unnecessary rumination. It will free your energy.
  • recognize viable opportunities for investing your energies well and avoid the unintentional harm of unrealistic expectations.
  • discover ways in which other sensitive people have created a pathway for themselves so they can contribute to the world in a way that suits them.
  • find your place and develop a viable sense of direction in a more ecologically oriented world.
  • live more comfortably in friendship and joy with yourself and others.

Our program of sensory processing yoga offers you the opportunity for a natural process of self-development that lets you be who you are and make progress at your pace and on your terms.

Each Month's Program

Every month we will offer a unique Question Of The Month. Essentially we are doing a deep dive on an interesting topic related to being sensitive in the world. The month's program will include:

  • a movie provided in the community around the monthly question
  • articles that explore some facet of the question of the month
  • stories, videos and other materials as that offer us insights
  • a discussion call later in the month with some discussion questions to stimulate your thinking and participation.
  • introduction to an important aspect of the emerging, communally-oriented Caring Culture

In addition, each month we will be other articles and resources on a variety of topics including the new, communally-oriented Caring Culture so you can see new opportunities for yourself. You will have full access to all the open groups and topics to explore whatever you want as well as the courses on Connection, Work and Culturscape.  Members of the Emerging Sensitive Program become friends and we hope will join us.