Poetry is the synthesis of hyacinths and biscuits.

Carl Sandburg

September Week 2: Integration As A Cultural Stage

summer of oppression

Overview And Objectives

The skills involved with integrating the complexity in our world are substantial. It takes learning all of the building blocks we have been talking about to get to a point where we are able to be wiser about how we work with people and ideas.

This month's cultural system is the first which has us moving into the cocreator role. Up until now, we have been living in cultural systems with closed and fixed agendas. In starting over, we get to reconsider and start to create from a more open place.


Synthesis And Integration As Culture

This video talks about a culture that is the first to be a co-creator culture.

Embracing The Integrative Synthesist

This week's module on the Integrative Stage of the Spiral helps us understand what it means to move into this stage and way of being.

Get the habit of analysis - analysis will in time enable synthesis to become your habit of mind.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Integration As A Cultural Model

Exercises For Advancing Integrative Culture

Transition To Yellow

A short video on how life shifts as a yellow person.

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Yellow Meme Discussion

This is a good overview of the yellow integrative meme.

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Connecting The Dots

Questions, ideas, and insights to stimulate your thinking and to help integrate this week's information into your life.

Insight 1

It can be hard to let go and start over, and it can also be wonderful.

Insight 2

Synthesis lets you use what has been created in new ways.

Insight 3

Reimagining can help us show respect for the past without being beholden to it.

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