Every renaissance comes to the world with a cry, the cry of the human spirit to be free.

 Anne Sullivan

October Week 1: Alchemy


Overview And Objectives

What is alchemy?

As a sensitive person with your connection to energy you more than most have contact with the dynamic aspect of life. It is your potential to work with life as an alchemist would. You have the opportunity to engage with, steer and master the dynamic processes of life.

Alchemy is where energies shift and changes happen. It is where ideas begin to take shape.

Claiming Your Alchemist Potential

Sensitive people because of their natural energetic connection have the opportunity to bring a lot of wisdom to the process of life. 

“Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, build on to that which is already excellent.” 

Auliq Ice

The Keys To Developing Alchemist Skills

Exercises For Advancing Alchemist Skills
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What Is Alchemy, Alchemical Healing?

This article discusses the various types of energies in alchemical healing.

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What Is Alchemy?

The history of alchemy in a wide variety of cultures, why it lost favor and some of the truth in it. Also a discussion of alchemy as a spiritual value.

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Alchemy May Not Have Been the Pseudoscience We All Thought It Was

A new perspective on alchemy from the Smithsonian.

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Connecting The Dots

Questions, ideas, and insights to stimulate your thinking and to help integrate this week's information into your life.

Insight 1

Alchemy is about transformation including the transformation of the self.

Insight 2

Alchemy is a creative endeavor.

Insight 3

Alchemy is a way of always trying to improve and do better in a wide variety of disciplines.

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