“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

May: Claiming Our Creativity

Claiming Our Creativity

Our creativity is our natural capability to engage and work with the challenges of life, to access our natural gifts so that we can make a difference in the world, and grow into a productive and life-affirming adult.

When we accept our creativity, what we are accepting is that we contribute to the world. Without acknowledging our creativity, we are passive observers or victims in this world. When we allow ourselves to be creative beings, we open the door to all kinds of possibilities.

Essential to our creativity is our imagination and sense of wonder. Enjoy Janet Echelman's wonderful journey of imagination and wonder.

How To Explore

To make your explorations meaningful, use these steps to enjoy the deepest and most fruitful experience.

Step 1: Learn

Each week you will receive some concepts around the three frameworks to help you rethink and reframe your perceptions.

Step 2: Explore

Explore the questions offered as downloads and also the articles and other material which give different perspectives on the topics.

Step 3: Discuss

We have a great community here. This is a safe place to ask questions, try out ideas and ask for help around a topic. 

Step 4: Integrate

Integrating the learning into your life is like peeling an onion. That is why we start with concepts and then learn how to apply them.

Overview And Purpose

This month we will explore the creative side of life - which is one way we recognize that we make a contribution to this world. The stage of development we are exploring this month is found in a cultural system and also in our natural process of development.

We will look at:

  • the energies around the emergence of our creativity
  • how to integrate this important part of ourselves in a healthy way
  • the gifts and qualities that we offer when we embrace this stage
  • challenges and pitfalls that we have to manage.

The energies around self-expression and creativity are not always embraced and accepted. We need to come to terms with attitudes about creativity around us and our own feelings about ourselves as creative beings.

This Month's Courses

Each month you will receive some short courses for you to enjoy. They provide you with the conceptual side of the course and also offer you the opportunity to work through various experiences in total privacy. You can then chose to share or connect with others about these topics based on your needs and interests.

Please click the link to go to the courses. They will also be listed on the sidebar of your social profile.

Monthly Explorations

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