The best way to prepare for the future is to take care of the present.


March: Presence

Embracing Basics

When we are present, we are fully engaged in what we do. One way to reclaim presence it to treat basic things and tasks to our full attention.

Basics are often treated as inconsequential, something to worry about if you have to, and generally an all-around bore. Basics are bigger than most people think and more important because it is the "basics" that are the building blocks for the future and they apply in all areas of life. They help us keep it real and when we notice them help us appreciate our lives more.

The basics are all the little things that we often take for granted, the things we have to do because they are "basic" to our ability to function. They help us keep it real and when we notice them help us appreciate our lives more.

However, they have a more important function. Connecting in the present with the basics is a way to connect with our innocence and support our being present in each moment of our lives.

This month we are going to explore "the basics" as an important part of life complete with many gifts to make our lives wonderful. I think you will enjoy it.

How To Explore

To make your explorations meaningful, use these steps to enjoy the deepest and most fruitful experience.

Step 1: Learn

Each week you will receive some concepts around the three frameworks to help you rethink and reframe your perceptions.

Step 2: Explore

Explore the questions offered as downloads and also the articles and other material which give different perspectives on the topics.

Step 3: Discuss

We have a great community here. This is a safe place to ask questions, try out ideas and ask for help around a topic. 

Step 4: Integrate

Integrating the learning into your life is like peeling an onion. That is why we start with concepts and then learn how to apply them.

Overview And Purpose

Being present is a big subject and one that has been widely discussed. It is difficult to do because of the speed and complexity of our modern world. Being present is closely related to the value of "keeping it real."

There are a number of ways to increase our ability to be present and keep it real in life. Embracing basics is one and can be good for our psyches and nervous systems. Slowing down and paying attention to what we are doing creates a natural feeling of safety in ourselves. It helps to pay attention to the basics in life.

Most often when people think of basics they think of paring down their activities and possessions. Certainly, for sensitive people, a minimal lifestyle can be helpful. However, we want to go beyond these simple ideas about basics to a more considered view of it and look at:

  • the relationship between taking care of basics, simplicity and our being present in the world.
  • what it means to be real
  • innocence as an important quality and precondition for being effective in life.
  • the idea of sticking to the knitting as a valuable way to proceed in life.

In addition, you will be able to explore the Introduction To Ayurveda course to familiarize yourself with a health system that can be very helpful to sensitive people.


This Month's Courses

Each month you will receive some short courses for you to enjoy. They provide you with the conceptual side of the course and also offer you the opportunity to work through various experiences in total privacy. You can then chose to share or connect with others about these topics based on your needs and interests.

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