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July Week 2: Culture And Work


Overview And Objectives

Some cultures are achievement-oriented over every other value. Achievement is not a bad thing, but like anything else, it is all in how you do it.

This week we are going to look at a culture structure that is solely about achievement, how it came to be and what it is all about, values, goals, and demands of its citizens.


Capitalism is a mature cultural system that is fading and being replaced by a new egalitarian system.

A Cultural System For Work And Achievement

In order to come to terms with the cultural system for achievement known as capitalism, we need to understand why it came to be, its values and objectives.

“Be steady and well-ordered in your life so that you can be fierce and original in your work.” 

Gustave Flaubert

Capitalism And Sensitive People

Different considerations about handling a fast-paced driven culture when you are sensitive.

Separating Ambition And Greed

Ambition and greed are not the same thing. A discussion on the difference.

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Mismodelling Human Beings

How economic philosophy runs contrary to the way humans really are.

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The Highly Sensitive Integral Leader

An article by Tracy Cooper about his journey and some insights about sensitive leaders.

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Connecting The Dots

Questions, ideas, and insights to stimulate your thinking and to help integrate this week's information into your life.

Insight 1

Materialistic capitalism places humans above nature not a part of it.

Insight 2

Capitalistic growth requires that business results continually rise.

Insight 3

Capitalism puts quantity over quality and in this is antithetical to HSP nature.

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