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July: Achievement And Growth

Achievement And Growth

We all have to grow. Growing feels good. It is good to learn new things and learn how to do great work. It is enjoyable to contribute to the world.

Unfortunately, growth has become distorted. It has been co-opted by a left-brained linear view of life so growth is often defined in numeric terms rather than loving or satisfaction terms. It has come to mean a drive to accumulate which leaves out many important dimensions of life and a lot of learning and other kinds of satisfaction. It is often defined as a pursuit of happiness which means material happiness and success.

This month we want to look at how to right the ship of personal development so we are walking a path of healthy growth. Emily Esfahani Smith gives a great talk about happiness, meaning and the many ways we find meaning.

How To Explore

To make your explorations meaningful, use these steps to enjoy the deepest and most fruitful experience.

Step 1: Learn

Each week you will receive some concepts around the three frameworks to help you rethink and reframe your perceptions.

Step 2: Explore

Explore the questions offered as downloads and also the articles and other material which give different perspectives on the topics.

Step 3: Discuss

We have a great community here. This is a safe place to ask questions, try out ideas and ask for help around a topic. 

Step 4: Integrate

Integrating the learning into your life is like peeling an onion. That is why we start with concepts and then learn how to apply them.

Overview And Purpose

We live in a work-oriented world and for many of us, work provides us with some aspects of our identity. That kind of thinking is not intrinsically unhealthy, because when we work we learn about ourselves: our strengths, weaknesses, and interests. It is inevitable that work will impact our identity.

This month we want to examine work and productivity. We want to learn more about the skill of building: an important skill in most areas of life.

We are going to explore work:

  • from a cultural perspective
  • as a skill
  • as a part of our identity.



This Month's Courses

Each month you will receive some short courses for you to enjoy. They provide you with the conceptual side of the course and also offer you the opportunity to work through various experiences in total privacy. You can then chose to share or connect with others about these topics based on your needs and interests.

Please click the link to go to the courses. They will also be listed on the sidebar of your social profile.

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