"The only place where things were actually real was at this frontier between what you think is you and what you think is not you." 

David Whyte


Introduction To The Co-Creator's Journey

Into The Unfolding Nature Of Things

Beginning The Co-creator's Journey

Sensitive people are especially suited to the co-creator role because of their special gifts. In this video, poet, David Whyte talks about the conversational nature of reality which is something that many people do not realize yet for sensitive people is where we live. Understanding that reality is a conversation is the first step on the co-creator's journey.  Our purpose this year is to provide sensitive people with the skills and mindsets to help them understand reality's conversation and harness their sensitive trait.

We will start this month with overviews so that you can begin to define your goals and prepare for an exciting year!

How To Explore

To make your explorations meaningful, use these steps to enjoy the deepest and most fruitful experience.

Step 1: Learn

Each week you will receive some concepts around the three frameworks to help you rethink and reframe your perceptions.

Step 2: Explore

Explore the questions offered as downloads and also the articles and other material which give different perspectives on the topics.

Step 3: Discuss

We have a great community here. This is a safe place to ask questions, try out ideas and ask for help around a topic. 

Step 4: Integrate

Integrating the learning into your life is like peeling an onion. That is why we start with concepts and then learn how to apply them.

January's Purpose

This month we are exploring:

  • what we mean by the co-creator's journey
  • what the elements of co-creating are
  • what it means to be a co-creator
  • the three different building blocks or frameworks of co-creation
  • why we need all three frameworks and how they link together
  • the different perspectives on these frameworks and linking them to our sensitive nature.

At the end of this month you should have a handle on the topics we will be covering and why.


This Month's Courses

Each month you will receive some short courses for you to enjoy. They provide you with the conceptual side of the course and also offer you the opportunity to work through various experiences in total privacy. You can then chose to share or connect with others about these topics based on your needs and interests.

Please click the link to go to the courses. They will also be listed on the sidebar of your social profile.

Monthly Explorations

Week 1

Week 2 

Week 3

Week 4