The privilege of a lifetime is becoming who you truly are.

Carl Jung

February Week 4: The Grounding Skill Of Forgiveness

Overview And Objectives

Over the course of our lives, we go through many stages, as Bill Plotkin discussed in the video last week. Each stage brings us new skills, new self-awareness, new nature awareness and new challenges which when we embrace increase our ability to move into a co-creator role.

During our lives, we have many challenges and disappointments. We make mistakes and others do as well. In the video below, you will discuss one of our most grounding skills: forgiveness. Below the main video are two more videos, linking empathy and creativity and a discussion about the difference between tolerance and compassion.

“But it turns out that people who are grounded and secure don’t change much under stress. That’s what being grounded means.” 

Michael Gruber

Grounding, Being Sensitive And Co-Creating 

When we are grounded in our nature (sensitivity) and the present we can harness our gifts in a constructive and productive way. To see the benefits of doing so, listen to  Seung Chan Lim (Slim) at TEDxWellesleyCollege who explores the relationship between empathy, one of the most important sensitive gifts, and creating. Slim discusses empathy, insights and how being present and honest relate to the creative process.


Distinguishing Compassion And Tolerance

This lovely video gives us a great look at the difference between tolerance and compassion, compassion being the richer and more thoughtful of the attributes. Compassion, Krista says, is a practical tool for connecting and making life livable for all is.


Grounding As A Leadership Skill

Bob Rosen talks about grounding as a condition for great leadership. His insights are based on his experience working with corporate leaders. Although his talk has a corporate perspective his insights are valuable for all leaders.

Connecting The Dots

Questions, ideas, and insights to stimulate your thinking and to help integrate this week's information into your life.

Insight 1

Tolerance, empathy, and compassion are all opportunities to connect in some way for better or worse.

Insight 2

Our problems are a stepping stone to connection.

Insight 3

Sensitive people with their deep processing and conscientiousness are fully deserving of as much compassion as anyone else.

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