The privilege of a lifetime is becoming who you truly are.

Carl Jung

February Week 3: A Grounding In Nature

Overview And Objectives

This week we discuss the natural grounding that comes from nature. Nature tells us what is working and what is not. It tells us through our energy and the feedback loops inherent in each step we take what is working and what is not.

We want to discover how to use nature as a way to guide ourselves so that we are continually in sync with natural processes.

How To Use The Nature Framework As A Grounding Tool

“Nature, too, supports our personal blossoming (if we have any quiet exposure to her) through her spontaneities, through her beauty, power, and mirroring, through her dazzling variety of species and habitats, and by way of the wind, Moon, Sun, stars, and galaxies.”

Bill Plotkin, Nature and the Human Soul: Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World

Exploration 1: Bill Plotkin Discusses Soul Initiation And Our One True Life

Nature has a role for each of us, one we were born to meet. So often we are encouraged to sacrifice our gifts to fit into the world, our families and our cultures. There is always a part of us that wants to listen to our soul's call. This video is a presentation by Bill Plotkin one of the world's foremost experts of the journey to fulfilling your soul's destiny. He explains why the soul's call is so challenging to answer, and what the path is like. He gives you some perspective on what it means to answer the soul's call and the results that come from it. 

Connecting The Dots

Questions, ideas, and insights to stimulate your thinking and to help integrate this week's information into your life.

Insight 1

Nature shows us that when leaving one stage of living for another we have to shed our prior "skin".

Insight 2

We are not here to conform we are here to grow into who we were meant to be. 

Insight 3

When we find our unique place we can let go of the burdens of the world and offer our greatest gift.

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