"The privilege of a lifetime is becoming who you truly are."

Carl Jung

February: Different Kinds Of Grounding

What Authenticity?

The first step in co-creating is getting grounded: our topic this month. What is grounding? Grounding is about connecting with the fundamentals on any topic. It is also commonly thought of as connecting with one's core or authentic self. In spiritual terms, some think of it as connecting with the earth's core.

This month we want to talk about grounding as a building block for authenticity, an important requirement for co-creating. We start with this video by Mike Robbins, who speaks eloquently about what authenticity is.

To be truly grounded we need to know who you are and also be connected to what is happening in the present, to the process unfolding before you. We will talk about both this month.


How To Explore

To make your explorations meaningful, use these steps to enjoy the deepest and most fruitful experience.

Step 1: Learn

Each week you will receive some concepts around the three frameworks to help you rethink and reframe your perceptions.

Step 2: Explore

Explore the questions offered as downloads and also the articles and other material which give different perspectives on the topics.

Step 3: Discuss

We have a great community here. This is a safe place to ask questions, try out ideas and ask for help around a topic. 

Step 4: Integrate

Integrating the learning into your life is like peeling an onion. That is why we start with concepts and then learn how to apply them.

February's Purpose

Being grounded means being present, in your body and connected to nature and to all of life around you. It means being in touch with the unfolding of life and also with who you are as a part of that.

How do you maintain all of these connections and still keep your feet on the ground? This is an important question for sensitive people. This month we are want to connect sensitivity with the frameworks we talked about last month. We want to consider each of the frameworks as an important part of how we become and stay grounded.

This month we start to connect sensitivity with the frameworks we talked about last month. Last month we looked at structure and stories, this month we will be more process oriented so you can see how the frameworks function and can be used daily life.

We will be exploring:

  • the DOES Model to develop more appreciation for our sensitive gifts and to reframe our self-perception to become more confident of our value
  • sensitivity, culture and the process of change. We will illuminate the special gifts sensitive people can bring to the process of change.
  • the nature-based approach to personal growth and to building anything
  • skill building as  a process

At the end of the month, you will begin to see how each: sensitivity, culture, nature and your skills contribute to your staying grounded, effective and authentic in the world.

This Month's Courses

Each month you will receive some short courses for you to enjoy. They provide you with the conceptual side of the course and also offer you the opportunity to work through various experiences in total privacy. You can then chose to share or connect with others about these topics based on your needs and interests.

Please click the link to go to the courses. They will also be listed on the sidebar of your social profile.

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