9 Ways Mangistha Destroys Toxins In The Body

Would you like to know that your immune system is functioning well and able to protect you?

Manjistha is a wonderful Ayurvedic herb that does just that.

Manjistha known as rubia cordifolia is a climbing medicinal plant found in the Himalayas. Its roots are used to create the medicinal supplement known as manjistha. It is a multi-purpose healer which addresses many conditions and symptoms. However, its most important role is the reduction of toxic reactions caused by detoxification sometimes called a healing crisis.

When toxins are loosened in the body they can enter the blood and other parts of the body causing serious damage. In addition, when detoxification happens too rapidly, various “healing” reactions can take place including psoriasis and ulcers as described by Vaidya Mishra, an Ayurvedic healer.

This herb is considered the best herb for blood purification since it supports detoxification when toxins can be removed from the liver and enter the bloodstream. Toxins can also be found in the blood when the various channels of the body are closed preventing the normal processing and removal of toxins from the body.

Many of the conditions helped by manjistha involve the blood and organs that affected by blood and blood toxicity. These are some important conditions that benefit from using it:

  1. skin diseases. It heals a variety of skin problems including eczema, psoriasis since the skin is a detoxifying organ.
  2. menstrual problems. Manjistha treats menstrual conditions since it purifies the blood.  It helps the post-natal healing of the uterus.
  3. blood resolution. This herb regulates blood clots, blood pressure, cleanse the blood and treats heart disease.
  4. immune system
  5. removes renal and gall bladder stones. Manjistha cleans and regulates the pancreas, spleen liver and kidneys which all have a role to play in digestion and toxin removal.
  6. urinary system disorders
  7. tumors. It destroys both benign and malignant tumors.
  8. some forms of herpes. Manjistha can treat herpes that is in the bloodstream.
  9. diabetic ulcers of the leg. Manjistha can help heal this debilitating condition.

Manjistha is a very useful herb for people who have eaten toxic diets for a long time, are suffering from toxic emotions and people who are in the process of detoxifying their bodies. It is a wonderful support for the immune system since it eliminates toxins that could become overwhelming to the immune system and increase blockages in the body.

Using manjistha is a great way to reduce the potential for serious illness.

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Maria Hill

Maria Hill is the founder of Sensitive Evolution. She is the author of The Emerging Sensitive: A Guide For Finding Your Place In The World. In addition, she has created the immersive Emerging Sensitive Program of "sensory processing yoga" using frameworks to help sensitive people master their sensitivity and turn it into the asset it can be. She also offers the Emerging Sensitive Community focused on living in the world as a sensitive person and navigating the challenging cultural shifts of our times. She is a longtime meditator, reiki master, student of alternative health and Ayurveda. Maria is also an abstract painter whose portfolio can be found at Infinite Shape and also very interested in animal and human rights and the environment.

37 thoughts on “9 Ways Mangistha Destroys Toxins In The Body”

  1. Avatar Gerald says:

    Where can a person be sure of getting Manjistha at it’s highest potency or quality? I’ve heard that there are many sites that will sell less than favorable products with some additives in the product!!

    1. Avatar Maria says:

      Hi Gerald,

      I use Banyan Botanicals and Lifespa products and am very happy with them.

      All the best,

  2. Avatar Bharath says:

    Very useful information about manjista herb

    1. Avatar Maria says:

      Happy to help, Barath.


  3. Avatar Jaime says:

    Hi there! I’ve just purchased and received my LifeSpa Manjistha. The package says to take 1 – 3 pills after each meal, three times a day. Do you have any suggestions as to how much exactly one should be taking? I’ve been told by a naturopath that my lymphatic system is sluggish and that there’s an abundance of toxins in my body that aren’t ‘getting out’. Please help!


    1. Avatar Maria says:


      I do not know if you received my email response. I am not a doctor or naturopath so I cannot specifically address your needs. I helps sometimes to start small and see the impact of the herb. You might also want to ask your naturopath’s opinion.

      Good luck,

  4. Avatar Maheswari says:

    Hi, for how long one should take manjistha tablets? And can I take both manjistha & neem together?please let me know. Thanks!

    1. Avatar Maria says:


      It is up to you and how you feel, but it you want to feel more comfortable you could consult an Ayurvedic doctor in your area. I use both together. You could also look at this website . They have the herbs and a lot of information about them.

      All the best,


      1. Avatar Cheryl says:

        Hi, I’m wondering if manjistha is acidic in the gut in a similar way as triphala, which almost did me in. Thanks, Cheryl

        1. Avatar Maria says:

          Hi Cheryl,

          I am not sure. I would suggest that you inquire with a couple of organizations that sell the herbs: or .

          Good luck,

          1. Avatar Anmol says:

            It ain’t acidic to our gut, infact it helps to neutralize excess acid in gut, it is cooling for our body. If you are taking this herb to cure any skin condition, it is advisable to take it with another herb called guduchi, this herb strengthens your immune system by increasing white blood cells in your body, therefore it helps your body in fighting any form of skin infections.

          2. Avatar Maria Hill says:

            Thanks for adding your knowledge.


  5. Avatar yuvarani says:

    i have scars on my face. i got that by acne. manjitha wil be help me out form that problem

    1. Avatar Maria says:

      Hi Yuvarani,

      This is an article on manjistha which refers to acne. and here is another one on treatments for acne scars: . I hope they help.

      All the best,

  6. Avatar Patricia says:

    Can I use manjistha and chaparral at the same time?

    1. Avatar Maria says:

      Hi Patricia,

      I do not know anything about chaparral and what it can be combined with. An herbalist might be able to help you.

      All the best,

      1. Avatar Patricia says:

        Thank you for your reply!

  7. Avatar Kimberly says:

    Thanks for the info! I went to the one site you suggested and just ordered a bag of manjistha!

  8. Avatar Jacqui says:

    I have had psoriasis for 40 plus years and now i’m having issues with lymph.
    I plan to get some of this to try. I just read about it on a Dr.’s website.
    If you have other info feel free to email.

    1. Avatar Maria Hill says:

      Hi Jacqui,

      I would suggest that you check out . I have used it for a long time and it is wonderful site for detoxing of all kinds.

      Let me know how it goes,

  9. Avatar Kim says:

    Do you have any suggestions on how to consume Manjistha powder? I’ve been mixing it with warm water and drinking it, as suggested on the package, but don’t love the grittiness. Is there another way to consume it without affecting its potency and benefits?

    1. Avatar Maria Hill says:

      Hi Kim,

      I use it in pill form. This is an article that discusses consuming it as a tea.

      I hope this helps. Once you have consumed the powder switching to pills might be worth considering.

      All the best,

  10. Avatar Becky says:

    I have been given manjistha tablets to treat my acne but I am 31 weeks pregnant and struggling to find online if it is safe to take? the woman who subscribed it has said it is safe once in third trimester. Are you able to offer more advice?

    1. Avatar Maria Hill says:

      Hi Becky,

      I am not an Ayurvedic physician or practitioner so your question is best reserved for them. There are a number of Facebook and Linkedin groups for Ayurveda that could probably help. I believe that Lifespa also answers questions.


  11. Avatar Taomina says:

    I have low blood pressure. Is it alright to use manjistha in this case?

    1. Avatar Maria Hill says:

      Hi Taomina,

      I am not an Ayurvedic doctor so I cannot say. However, I would suggest that you investigate the information on these websites: http://www.banyanbotanicals.com http://www.lifespa.com and http://www.mapi.com. You may be able to email them your question and they can help you. I know that the people at Lifespa are very responsive.

      All the best,

  12. Avatar Taomina says:

    Thanks for the reply.

  13. Avatar nirmoha says:

    Dr Douillard’s website, (founder of life spa where Maria said she gets her manjistha from) is a great resource for information on this herb and many others. Go to his website and sign up and away you go. He’s a top ranking Ayurvedic doctor. Maria has mentioned it numerous times she’s not a doctor so you could try Dr. Douillard.

  14. Avatar Ishtpreet says:

    I’m 18 years old girl. I used to have whiteheads on my face. I tried almost everything but nothing worked…. I’m blessed that I got manjishtha then. After a month, I felt so much better because I had manjistha and neem capsules both. My question is ‘Do I have to take manjistha and neem forever so that my skin stay glowing and clean?’ And I love green tea too.

    1. Avatar Maria Hill says:


      I am glad you are better. I do not know the answer to your question since I am not an Ayurvedic doctor. It would be useful for you to see one to determine the best diet to keep you in balance so that your skin is naturally clear.


  15. Avatar Ishtpreet says:

    Hmm.. You’re so much right. I’ve started eating fruits more and drinking water more too. I’m very conscious now. Therefore there is a visible change in my appearance and skin. But pink scars still make my confidence level low. And sunlight makes it more worse…. But I always try to stay happy even with this as more stress will make it more worse!

  16. Avatar Ishtpreet says:

    Um, hey by the way your skin is so radiating and beautiful! 🙂 and thank you so much for understanding. This is so kind of you. :))

  17. Avatar pradeep says:

    I have painful allergy on my face
    am using strong steroid no use
    can I get recover by using manjishta

    1. Avatar Maria Hill says:

      I am not an Ayurvedic doctor so I cannot say what impact it would have. It would be worthwhile to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner about your allergy or do a search online for Ayurvedic treatment for your allergy.

      Good luck,

  18. Avatar Vee says:

    Is this herb safe to take if you have a hypothyroid?

    1. Avatar Maria Hill says:

      I do not know. You would have to check with an Ayurvedic doctor.


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