Introductory Call

You are invited to have a chat with me as part of the Emerging Sensitive Program. The purpose of the call is to discuss your interests and goals for the year and any long-term dreams you may. It helps me to know more about you so that I can highlight certain parts of the program for your benefit. It also makes a difference in the discussion calls if I can know more about your interests so that I can point out ideas or insights that may be useful.

The link to schedule the call is located below. The open times are on Fridays for the introductory calls. Please let me know if the times do not work for you - they may not for some in different parts of the world - and we will work out a time that will work for both of us.

We will be using the same GoToMeeting link that we use for our discussion calls for the meeting so you do not have to do anything but dial in at the agreed to time.

I look forward to our talk,

Maria Hill

Sensitive Evolution