The Emerging Sensitive Community

Reimagine Your Life In A World Reimaging Itself

Sensitivity to nuance offers sensitive people a window into all facets of the world but does not come with an instruction manual. As a result, sensitive people are often at a loss about how to use their gift.

The Emerging Sensitive Community provides a unique journey into how to connect the raw energetic experience of the sensitive person to the world and transform sensitivity into a practical, elegant, and extraordinary skill. As we become conscious about risks and how to handle them, our innate capacity for connection becomes a building block for engaging in a world that is reimagining itself and needs the gifts of sensitive people. Think of it as 'sensory processing yoga'!

We can reimagine our lives while helping the world reimagine itself to find greater contentment and joy.

We Need A New Story

Life is a story, culture is a story, and nature is a story. Each life is a story and each place is a story also.

Our capacity to connect is also our capacity to be a part of the living story at a time when the story is changing.

Cultures have life cycles. They are a specific story created to solve a specific problem. When the situation changes and new problems and needs emerge, a new story needs to be created to transition to new ways of living and working. We are in such a time right now where new stories are being created to enable us to live differently and better, to live better together.

Sensitive people often feel left out of the larger story of the world but that time is passing as our gifts are much better suited to a time where sharing becomes valued as a way to solve the problems of a stressed-out planet. The planet may be highly sensitive, too!

We each have a unique story to tell not just as sensitive people but also as human beings living in these challenging times. The more we can connect our sensitive experience with the world around us the better able we are to participate in life in a way that feels gratifying.

The world is changing in many ways and writing a new story about how to live. Would you like to be part of that new story?


Why Is Connection So Important?

In Aboriginal dot paintings like the ones above and to the left, circles represent meeting places and connection. Every dot in the circle and elsewhere represents a part of the larger ecology of the tribe. 

Connection is a big deal in tribal cultures and has an important role in how their culture is organized. The natural vulnerability of tribal cultures permits a degree of connection we have lost in modern times - a loss that sensitive people feel deeply.

Today, when people use the word connection they generally mean connecting socially with others. 

However, connection is so much more. Full embodied connection, the connection that sensitive people experience, provides us the opportunity to:

  • listen to and owning our energies so that we live from an informed spontaneity.
  • tune in to the evolutionary flow of the universe as it manifests around and through us.
  • enlist all the different ways of knowing in support of our best selves contributing constructively to the world.
  • integrate both the short-term and long-term in a constructive way. of relating and working.
  • develop the skills of inclusiveness that support open-mindedness and improve creative skills.
  • open to the ecological nature of the world so we can live in a constructively interdependent way.
  • live from a spirit of friendship and joy in relating to ourselves, each other and the human and natural world.

Connection: The Easiest Way To Harness And Trust Your Sensitivity 

The Emerging Sensitive Community is a special place for sensitive people who want to connect their nature and their gifts confidently to embrace a larger role in a changing world.

By connecting sensitive energy, observations and experience with the contexts of the human and natural world, we can gain a productive clarity which becomes a useful bridge to the world. Our sensitivity becomes a unique sophistication and skill that can transform our lives and the lives of others. And most importantly, we can trust ourselves and we know why.

To achieve this important clarity and sophistication, the Emerging Sensitive Community provides sensitive people and empaths with:

  • insights and distinctions that activate their inner wisdom and inner strength.
  • insights from sensitive people on how to turn the natural gifts of sensitivity into a gift to the world.
  • information about inspiring and positive initiatives in the new communally-oriented Caring Culture which offers healthier and more rewarding opportunities for sensitive people.
  • the ability to get their "sea legs" around the cultural transformation taking place.
  • the opportunity to develop creative and collaborative skills and potentials.
  • an open forum for addressing issues around risk.
  • skills and tools for the conversations of work and life.
  • space for the support and camaraderie we need for the journey.

This is a place to discover your voice and use it in a constructive and ecological way so that your sensitivity becomes the gift it was meant to be. Check us out below.

We would love to have you join us.

Your Opportunity

Connect The Dots With Insights

Develop a strong discernment skill through insights and distinctions which lead to naturally constructive boundary setting and decision making.


Connect With Successful Sensitive People

Sensitive people sometimes think their uniqueness is a hindrance. Learn how other sensitive people have turned their sensitivity into an asset and created successful lives.


Connect And Reclaim Your Energies

We develop some aspects of ourselves and not others as we learn to survive in the world. Discover overlooked potentials and embrace them skillfully.


Connect In Creative And Collaborative Ways

The world is becoming more collaborative which offers sensitive people fresh self-honoring ways of being in the world. Learn more about how to work collaboratively with others. 


Connect Vision And Imagination

Connecting experience, vision and imagination helps you be grounded and positive freeing your mind and your creative potential.


Connect Deep Processing With Problem Solving Skills

Become conscious about risk to turn sensitivity to nuance and deep processing into the extremely valuable gifts they are and become confident about what you offer the world.


Connect To Evolutionary People And Pathways

Massive shifts are taking place in the human world. Learn from people who are pioneers in these new ways of living and working.

Connect With Sensitive People Around The World

Connect with other sensitive people from around the globe who like you are also discovering a richer and larger role in the world.

Life Inside The Community

Many Opportunities For Friendship, Support, And Learning

The community offers so many different ways of connecting with other sensitive people and learning together. Each person can be as engaged and active as suits them


A monthly movie about a question of the month. Movies provide an energetic, mental and emotional example of an issue for learning.

Discussion Events

Join discussion events around various topics of interest based on community topics and member suggestions.


A Connection course,  a course on Work and a Culturescape course providing a big-picture perspective on our current cultural shift. 

Special Interest Groups

Connect with others in groups, public and private, that share common interests.

Mutual Support

Ask questions, explore new ideas, exchange ideas and support through chat, DM or the community stream. 

Anytime, Anywhere

Have each other's backs whether connected on desktop or on the app. 

Maria's deep knowledge of how highly sensitive people work is only paired by her kindness and willingness to listen. 

Ginevra Are

Intercultural Trainer from Italy relocated to LA

Sensitive Evolution offers some of the most refined truths about the characteristics of high sensitivity. 

Popa Mihai

What I appreciate most about the Sensitive Evolution information is the upbeat energy. 

Erial Ali

Sensitive Evolution is the voice that I keep quiet. It speaks up and validates.


We are all conditioned to fit in and conform. However, we are created to reform and redefine to be human. Creating is all about expressing our own unique self. Maria's course material and coaching provided me with knowledge and safety to stop the resistance and move into the awareness of my being.

Tammy Junker

Dealing with many different sites and social networks which speak on the highly sensitive and introverts, Sensitive Evolution is the one that seems refreshing, light, and not overstimulating. No flashing banners, type A personalities, nor drama. I greatly appreciate this site.

Kevin Thomas

Turn Your Sensitivity Into Extraordinary Sophistication

In order to turn your sensitivity into the gift it is, you require insights, support, and tools so you can:

  • connect the awareness which comes from your sensitivity to nuance to an understanding of how the world works and is evolving.
  • get clarity about risk so you can set more confident boundaries and easily make comfortable and loving choices.
  • process what you are seeing and experiencing in order to eliminate unnecessary rumination. It will free your energy.
  • recognize viable opportunities for investing your energies well and avoid the unintentional harm of unrealistic expectations.
  • discover ways in which other sensitive people have created a pathway for themselves so they can contribute to the world in a way that suits them.
  • find your place and develop a viable sense of direction in a more ecologically oriented world.
  • live more comfortably in friendship and joy with yourself and others.

Our program of sensory processing yoga offers you the opportunity for a natural process of self-development that lets you be who you are and make progress at your pace and on your terms.  

Each Month's Program

Every month we will offer a unique Question Of The Month. Essentially we are doing a deep dive on an interesting topic related to being sensitive in the world. The month's program will include:

  • a movie provided in the community around the monthly question
  • articles that explore some facet of the question of the month
  • stories, videos and other materials as that offer us insights
  • a discussion call later in the month with some discussion questions to stimulate your thinking and participation. 
  • introduction to an important aspect of the emerging, communally-oriented Caring Culture

In addition, each month we will be offering other articles and resources on a variety of topics including the new, communally-oriented Caring Culture so you can see new opportunities for yourself. You will have full access to all the open groups and topics to explore whatever you want as well as the courses on Connection, Work and Culturscape.  Members of the Emerging Sensitive Program become friends and we hope will join us. 

Life Can Be An Adventure. Ready For Yours?

Monthly Membership

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  • 1 month trial
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  • Access to the community 24/7 and its 3 courses: Connection, Work For Sensitive People, and Culturescape.
  • Monthly Movie And Discussion
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The Emerging Sensitive Community

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