Embrace The Shift: A 12 Week Course

Join The Conversation To Reshape Human Culture

COVID-19 has ushered in a cultural shift for the world. A liminal space of transition has opened which, in spite of many difficult challenges - present and future, can bring some healing and necessary change.

Some like Toko-Pa Turner call this an initiation into a new way. It certainly seems that the ways of the past are no longer working. When that is the case we all become travellers on the road to something new. Some would call us pilgrims, wayfarers, or pathfinders. Whatever word describes how you feel during this time, we are all on the way to something that has not existed before in the human world. 

Many people think we will return to a new normal. However, the compound effect of multiple traumas means that is unlikely. Here is why:

      • First, the number of sick people and the expectation of multiple waves of this pandemic means that the global economy is not able to function as it usually does. It operates based on demand and a "just-in-time" process for delivering goods to people and is therefore very sensitive to any disruption, and more fragile than most people realize.
      • Second, because of the length of the pandemic and the likelihood of multiple waves of it, demand for goods and services will diminish as people conserve their resources. The pandemic is a sobering moment and we are about to become more sober about how we live.
      • Third, the poor performance of important institutions in responding to and containing COVID-19 especially in countries like the United States has been a wake-up call that in spite of all speech to the contrary, we are not all in this together. When the social contract is broken, it needs to be repaired for a society to flourish again. 
      • Fourth, the death of George Floyd has revealed the compound traumas of COVID-19, economic inequities, and racial injustices not just in the United States but around the world. They are exposing the need for a fundamental overhaul of our cultures. 

Some people are beginning to see just how much of our power we have given away and are pulling back to reassess. All of this is happening at a time of ecological collapse. I expect many, if not most people, to say, "Enough!" because we cannot sustain our current way of life. It is time for a rethink.

On the plus side, the world has slowed down which is great for animals, the earth, and sensitive people who have often felt out of sync with our intense and driven cultural world. Sensitive people have not been able to honor their need for deep processing and conscientiousness in a world that has valued speed and quantity over slower, more deliberate and gentle ways of working. Although there are many pressures to resume "normal", the degree of damage created by the pandemic will thwart many of those efforts.

The good news is that this cultural transformation has come at a time when we need to address the ecological damage to our earthly home. The reality of the true interdependency of the world is hitting home. Because we have to scale back overconsumption and fierce work demands to rebalance our relationship with nature, we will be learning to live in new ways that have the potential to be healing for everyone including sensitive people. 

This 12 week course is designed to help you gain an understanding of this major transformative process underway so you can make it work for you. It will offer you the opportunity to:

    • gain an understanding of the evolution of human cultural systems to make sense of your life experience and release old ruminations
    • reclaim the positive aspects of your human inheritance,
    • understand how to navigate the cultural shift going on,
    • identify what direction(s) most suit you in this new world.

The  Embrace The Shift: 12 Week Course introduces you to cultural frameworks and provides you with models to identify where you fit among cultural systems and specifically in the emerging cultural system. You will be able to claim a life that is fulfilling and joyful and well as good for yourself and others.

An Antidote For Climate And Cultural Anxiety

Anxiety about our pandemic and climate emergency is real, appropriate, and needs to be taken seriously. Too often we can feel at the mercy of a world in denial and helpless about what to do. It is understandable.  However, it is in knowing how to direct our energies productively that we stand the best chance of weathering and even thriving in these difficult times.

None of us control the world or the process going on around us. The best we can do is make the most intelligent decisions and investments of our time, energy, and love. In order to do that we need to understand how cultures work so that we can make constructive decisions.

This course examines how cultures work for our benefit and also how they create precariousness in the world.

We happen to have a culture right now that has created extremes of precariousness which is one of the reasons so many of us are uncomfortable and at a loss about how to move forward. The pandemic has brought the weaknesses of our system into greater focus and caused many people to question a system that demands so much and delivers so little.

For some time, brave people have been tackling new ideas and experimenting with different ways to live and work, like reinvigorating localism, and restoring our natural resources. You do not hear about it much because our media is very emergency oriented and there are plenty of emergencies to occupy its attention and ours as well. But the transformation has been underway - under the radar - for some time.

We all come in contact with efforts being made to transform human society. Some of these efforts are big and have a lot of traction like mindfulness movements. Others are smaller like community-supported agriculture (CSA) or the planting of trees.

These smaller efforts often feel like they cannot make a difference because our world is currently run by big structures: big business, big government, big military, big agriculture, big health and pharma, etc. However, the reality is that big is not always better as we are being shown right now. This course will get you started connecting with the "under the radar" transformative efforts going on so you can participate in these new ways of living while graciously letting go of old ways.

Embrace The Shift: 12 Week Course

Sensitive people connect with  energetic and sensory information but they do not relate as easily to culture
according to Dr. Elaine Aron. They often feel upside down in a world that is right side up (or the other way around). At a minimum this is very energetically challenging.

You may have heard people say that you should embrace your sensitivity. I know I have. How does that work in a world that we struggle with and which struggles with us? How do you integrate your sensitive perceptions with a world that operates differently? How do you develop trust, self-trust and confidence not only about who you are but also the decisions and choices you make? How do you transform self-doubt into a reliable wisdom?

These are all important questions at any time but especially now when a global pandemic is causing big changes in how we live and work. Our system has not been sustainable for some time and the reality of that is being brought home to us. Fortunately the efforts of cultural pioneers will help us weather this challenging time by showing us new approaches to living and working.

The Embrace The Shift Course tackles the issues of our time head-on through an exploration of:

  • the factors making cultural change inevitable
  • important cultural frameworks that give you the "why" for your social experiences and release you from misperceptions about the past.
  • your human inheritance and how it matters now
  • the new emerging culture and how to embrace it.
  • a pathway that identifies your natural cultural fit in the world.
  • a model which help you select a role in this changing world.
  • information and resources to start your journey into a new cultural system.

This Embrace The Shift Course helps you get your footing in life by providing you with a sophisticated understanding of the way the world works so that old misunderstandings, disconnects with others, and unresolved wounds can be released and replaced with new wisdom and inner security. It also helps you identify kindred spirits, valuable collaborators, and initiatives worth pursuing.

The Embrace The Shift Course is an insight-based, connect the dots learning experience that helps you gain perspective and identify new directions.

With new awareness about where you will find compatible people and work, you can write a new story - your story - and feel good about the options you have and choices you can make. 

Would you like to end the struggles that keep you from having a life of freedom and joy? 

The Real Reason Your Mind Is Not On Your Side

You are sensitive. So what do you do with it? That's the big question.

In truth, sensitivity to nuance demands a lot of processing which can take a lifetime in our complex and overwhelming world. As a result, it is difficult to process all the awareness that comes with the sensitive experience in order to use your sensitivity well. You may connect with the energy of the world but that is not the same as connecting with the structure of the human social world which energetically feels like bumping into a wall. Your mind is always trying to work with the disconnect between your sensitivity and the world whose solution is to try to get you to fit in. When you do not, it will treat you as the problem. You will ruminate and go around in circles if you do not master human social contexts. That's the bad news.

The good news is that there are solutions that help you harness your sensitivity and natural gifts so you can function well and in a way that satisfies your soul. Once your mind understands social patterns, it will have the information it needs to work WITH the energies you encounter as well as with the dynamics of a changing world. As a result it will be easier to let go of self-doubts, set boundaries, and commit to long-term goals because you will have developed new inner resources that let you do that. .

Only when your mind is on your side can you change your experience. The only way to do that is to understand social patterns.

The Embrace The Shift Course is a practical course for claiming the value in your sensitivity and understanding the hidden frameworks of culture so that you can navigate the world with skill and find your natural "home" in the world. You deserve the inner security of knowing you can steer your own course with confidence.

Best of all, you will become a part of a new community of other sensitive people working together to make their lives joyful and rewarding.

The Power Of Patterns

Over 12 weeks you will take a journey through the hidden frameworks of culture. We will weave cultural systems, their stories, and values into an picture of these lived and living systems from conceptual, identity, and energetic perspectives.

Cultural frameworks make sense of  the contexts of relationships and social situations, so we can better understand and resolve the relationship and work disconnects of the past, in order to be freer to use our sensitive gifts and insights effectively. You will learn to identify the gifts of past cultural systems so you can fully claim all of your energies and use them wisely. You will also be able to locate kindred spirits and compatible environments for work and friendship.

These cultural patterns provide you with the building blocks of life so that you can connect your sensitivity to nuance with the world around you successfully. 

Connecting the dots that you feel in the energies around you with various structures seen and unseen will provide you with a solid, grounded perceptual base so you can feel safe in the world as your best and real self.  

Each week we will explore the cultural systems so you have a complete experience of the concepts, energies, and how they matter. You will be able to identify people in your life who live from a different place than you do and why some of your relationships did not work. You will also be able to consider how and why you may have let go of or suppressed some energies because of negative experiences and reconsider these energies (aggression is a good example) in healthier forms. You will be able to let go of old unresolved problems with grace, forgiveness, and self-acceptance because of new insights; you will be much clearer about what is yours and what is not. 

The Embrace The Shift Course gives you the "why" behind the events and relationship disconnects you have experienced so you can let go of that which does not serve you. By making the invisible visible, you will lay claim to the life you would like to live. 

We are all conditioned to fit in and conform. However, we are created to reform and redefine to be human. Creating is all about expressing our own unique self. Maria's course material and coaching provided me with knowledge and safety to stop the resistance and move into the awareness of my being.

Tammy Junker

Maria's deep knowledge of how Highly Sensitive People work is only paired by her kindness and willingness to listen. During the course, you will be not only learning from Maria, but you will be able to actively exchange opinions, ideas, and receive feedback from her. This ongoing learning experience makes the course incredibly interactive and engaging! Moreover, the online community really does make a difference. I was able to meet like-minded people with whom I felt comfortable enough to share very private and intimate issues. I was also able to network with some of the other attendees, learning more about their life journeys and careers, which it a great added value! Basically, the course feels like a "fireside chat" with friends and colleagues in which you learn by experience. I would recommend it to anyone, not only HSPs!

Ginevra Are, Intercultural Trainer from Italy relocated to LA

Maria E. Hill is the creator of the Sensitive Evolution Course for Highly Sensitive People, (HSPs), which has been a valuable tool for my self-growth. I am 79- years old and have had many years of various therapies and many other teachings about how to understand myself and others and find my place and role in our often confusing world.

Maria is a gentle, compassionate, and brilliant guide whose course has guided me through the stressful task of finding myself, in and out of the many variations of my personal culture. She has gifted me with a higher and deeper level of understanding my personal and work relationships, and how to deal with other Life challenges. I have learned to appreciate my HSP qualities and skills, and have more confidence as a creative leader in today’s world.

Sensitive Evolution has also helped me understand the biodynamics of other cultures and I have learned to build my patience and compassion muscles more each day as an HSP who is very different than many people. I wish that everyone could experience Maria’s creative understandings of our present cultural chaos and share in her maturity and wisdom.

Judith Fine-Sarchielli, Life And Marketing Coach

Maria's foundation course has helped me to shine a more reassuring and informed light on my high sensitivity. This has helped me to feel kinder to myself in the now, more positive about my past and more hopeful for the future. I feel lighter and brighter and I can share this energy with my loved ones which is a pleasure. I am delighted to have started this journey and look forward to future Emerging Sensitive courses.'s foundation course has helped me to shine a more reassuring and informed light on my high sensitivity. This has helped me to feel kinder to myself in the now, more positive about my past and more hopeful for the future. I feel lighter and brighter and I can share this energy with my loved ones which is a pleasure. I am delighted to have started this journey and look forward to future Emerging Sensitive courses.

Claire, Health Coach

Emerging Sensitive Course is a great opportunity to meet like-minded souls around the globe. Together with Maria and the participants, I learned how to mindfully value HSP skills. Finally, the course offered me the opportunity for a bigger picture perspective, something I highly estimate and now use in my everyday life - business and private. Last but not least I enjoy knowing that there is an HSP home out there. Maria you rock, thank you for offering this amazing opportunity! Keep doing what works so well already 🙂

Regina Reinhardt, Senior Cross-Cultural Executive Coach, Switzerland/Greece

The Emerging Sensitive course provided me with a new way of looking at myself and others, based on human evolution. This helped me to feel more understanding and less judgmental of both myself and others. It also increased my confidence in my HSP self and in my observations, thinking, and choices. In my opinion, this content should become standard public knowledge, which would really improve teamwork on every level of society.



The Embrace The Shift Course presents a lot of cultural patterns and models to help you get a handle on the way the world works. We approach it as a story not only about the past but also as an ongoing and emerging story. We connect the dots between our history and the emerging culture that is taking its place as the new dominant system of the world. In addition to the weekly topics, we explore ideas and messaging around topics like the hero archetype, weakness and control so you can have perspective on these culturally created ideas.

Each week we will tackle a cultural system to understand its value, contributions, and limitations. You will have videos and articles to explore the topic and have the opportunity to share your insights in the private community. Then we will have a call (about 90 minutes) where we bring the cultural topics of the week to life and explore important ideas and support that it offers us in today's world. There are questions provided each week so that you can prepare your thoughts for the discussion part of the call. 


This is the schedule:

Week 1: The Conversational Nature Of Reality and Overview Of The Cultural Story.

Week 2: Culture And Change. 

Week 3: The Hunter-Gatherer System And The Gift Of Grounding.

Week 4: The Tribal System And The Gift Of Intuitive Connection.

Week 5: The Empire System And The Gifts Of Initiative And Creativity

Week 6: The Authoritarian System And The Gift Of Self-Discipline

Week 7: The Enterprising System And The Gift Of Progress

Week 8: The Egalitarian System And The Gift Of Healing

Week 9: The Integrating System And The Gift Of Appropriateness

Week 10: The Holistic Level And The Gift Of Harmony

Week 11: Leaving Hunger Games Culture And A Glimpse Into The New System

Week 12: Finding Your Place In The New System



Community: A Lab For Your New Life

The Embrace The Shift: 12 Week Course is an special journey into the mindsets, perceptions, and narratives that we have all inherited and which can hold us back.

The course includes our new community called the Emerging Sensitive Movie Club. It is a lot like a lab for exploring new ideas and possibilities -  a special private place where you can connect with other individuals in the Emerging Sensitive Program and the Embrace The Shift: 12 Week Course. You will be able to take advantage of the additional opportunities that the community offers to connect your gifts with a world in the midst of major cultural change and connect with others who are grappling with the same issues as you are. 

One of the barriers to change is that our imaginations are harnessed by our current social system which means we are not experienced in identifying new approaches. Through the insights of other sensitive people and pioneers in cultural transformation, you will be able to reimagine your life and your possibilities. The imaginative initiatives of others can help us develop our own ideas or, depending on our skills and talents, support the trailblazing efforts of others.

We will be looking at change through the narratives of change and the energies that are needed to effect change. We will be taking both an imaginative and practical approach to creating effective change because you need both to create something new. 

To access our imaginative potential, the Sensitive Movie Club Community provides sensitive people and empaths with:

      • insights and distinctions that activate their inner wisdom and inner strength.
      • a monthly movie and live discussion to explore themes of authenticity, change, soul-based living, and personal development.
      • information about inspiring and positive initiatives in the new communally-oriented "Caring Culture" which offers healthier and more rewarding opportunities for sensitive people.
      • the ability to get your "sea legs" around the cultural transformation taking place.
      • an open forum for addressing issues around risk.
      • courses on Connection, Work and the current CultureScape.
      • space for the support and camaraderie we need for the journey.

The community will provide you additional opportunities to discover your voice and use it in a constructive and ecological way so that your sensitivity becomes the gift it was meant to be. 

What's Included In The Emerging Sensitive Movie Club


Courses on connection, work, and culture.

Live Calls

Enjoy live calls for the course and the monthly movies.

Movies And Stories

Monthly movies exploring personal development.


Private groups to explore shared interests.



A private space for connecting and sharing.

Lots Of Resources

Articles and other resources for exploring a new future.


The Course In A Nutshell

  • 12 weeks for learning cultural systems: their values, mindsets, energies, and contribution and how to apply the knowledge they offer.
  • Models of each cultural system and a model that will let you locate how you can participate in an emerging new culture.
  • A live call each week to discuss questions, and enhance your understanding of the each cultural system and the cultural transition we are currently living in.
  • Insight-based learning for developing perspective and creating natural shifts.
  • Private community focused on applying skills to living in the world including special movie discussions.
  • Lifetime access to the Embrace The Shift Course and Sensitive Movie Community.
  • Full credit toward yearlong Emerging Sensitive Program.
  • 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • Responsive Design - can be accessed from all devices.



The course was created by Maria Hill, founder of Sensitive Evolution.  She is lifelong explorer and synthesizer of the sensitive experience. Her explorations of old wisdom and new emerging frameworks give her a unique perspective on the experience of sensitive people and their potential contribution to the world.

Maria is the author of The Emerging Sensitive: A Guide For Finding Your Place In The World, through which sensitive people can discover their natural place in a changing world. Her special gift comes from her understanding of the relationship between the sensitive experience and the hidden frameworks that drive human development and culture. She is committed to helping sensitive people acquire the tools to transform their understanding of themselves and their life journey so their talents and lived experience becomes an asset and source of joy.

You can visit this link to see her background.

The course is a 12 week program but is designed to also work for those who self pace. You can go as fast or as slow as you would like and learn according to your own learning style. 
Each week you will receive information about the cultural systems and how to use them in the form of text, video and audio. There will be readings and a weekly exercise so we can share our ideas and experiences. There is quite a bit of material each week: 3-5 hours per week would be a good start to cover all of the information.
In addition, we offer our popular discussion calls each week during the course. These calls will elaborate on the weekly information and also provide additional insights beyond what is in the weekly material. They are recorded so you can access them at a convenient time. You can return to the course material as often as you want and participate in future course calls as well. 
For ongoing support and connecting with others, you can participate in the Emerging Sensitive Community which also offers a movie and live discussion each month.
The important thing is that you take in the concepts and allow yourself to be with the ideas and information because they are freeing and the learning process is meant to be a natural one. What happens for many people is that when they are going about your day they start to consider the ideas in light of what they are doing and people have lots of little lightbulb moments or opportunities to reconsider something that has bothered them. It all happens as a series of baby steps. It is truly a journey - and an adventure!. 

You have lifetime access to the course and the community. 

The course can be purchased as a gift during the checkout process.

We offer generous compensation for referrals through our affiliate program.

In the first 14 days of the program if for any reason you notify us by email of a need to cancel your participation in the program, we will refund your payment, no questions asked.

Enrollment is offered several times each year. Once the course starts enrollment will be closed until the next enrollment period for the course. You are welcome, however, to join the Emerging Sensitive Community to begin a process of exploration and change .

Align Yourself With The Positive Direction Of A Changing World

Nothing helps you process information and reduce overwhelm better than frameworks.  Frameworks are like road maps. They give you the "lay of the land". They show you information that may be hidden from view so that you can make wise decisions. Frameworks provide a way to understand the hidden patterns of culture, which when used well, make it much easier to navigate the world and focus on what will bring you the greatest joy and reward in life. Frameworks are a bridge that helps you connect your sensitive story with the story of the world. They inform without taking your power away; instead they show you how to use your power well. 


They give you the music, now you just need to know how to play the notes.


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