The Embrace The Shift Course


Thank you for joining the Embrace The Shift Course. We have an exciting program for you. You will get to know many wonderful sensitive people from around the globe. You will also enjoy

      • 12 weeks for learning cultural systems: their values, indsets, energies and contribution and how to apply the knowledge they offer.
      • Models of each cultural system and a model that will let you locate how you can participate in an emerging new culture.
      • A live call each week to discuss questions, and enhance your understanding of the each cultural system and the cultural transition we are currently living in.
      • Explorations of mindset themes for perspective and shifts.
      • Private community focused on applying skills to living in the world including special movie discussions.
      • Lifetime access to the Emerging Sensitive Embrace A New World Course and Sensitive Movie Community.
      • Full credit toward yearlong Emerging Sensitive Program.
      • 14-day money-back guarantee.
      • Responsive Design - can be accessed from all devices.

Please note: we have a special service that provides us with movies every month. We will need a day or so to enter your information so bear with us while we get it set up for you. 

The next step if for you to go to the link below. You will be invited to add your information to gain access to the community. You can then complete your profile, find out how to get started in the welcome section and get the app for the community. I hope you enjoy the course and the community. Please reach out if you have any questions.


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Maria Hill

Founder, Sensitive Evolution