Poetry is the synthesis of poetry and biscuits.

Carl Sandburg

September Discussion Calls

Call 1




Oscar-winning CGI-animated delight about the misadventures of the last robot on Earth, circa 2800, who romances a sleek, high-tech android.

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Call Questions

  • Do you think the Wall-E movie reflects at all our times or is it too far out?
  • The world of Wall-E and the world on the Axiom ship are very different. How would you describe the differences in:
    • the way of life
    • values
    • skills
    • awareness
    • happiness
  • We have discussed many different abilities and qualities. Where do you find:
    • groundedness
    • intuition
    • wonder and curiosity
    • creativity
    • discipline
    • building and achievement
    • participatory egalitarianism
  • How important is participation and having a voice to the characters in the movie? What risks are taken for it?
  • How does the movie discern between fun and joy?
  • This movie shows a distinction between being bothered vs not being bothered as values in life. How important is convenience? What is its cost?
  • What does the movie show us about strength and where is comes from?
  • Who has the advantage in life: Wall-E or the Axiom world?
  • What surprised you?
  • Did the movie give you hope for the future?

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Call 2

Dead Poets Society


A new English teacher, John Keating (Robin Williams), is introduced to an all-boys preparatory school that is known for its ancient traditions and high standards. He uses unorthodox methods to reach out to his students, who face enormous pressures from their parents and the school. With Keating's help, students Neil Perry (Robert Sean Leonard), Todd Anderson (Ethan Hawke) and others learn to break out of their shells, pursue their dreams and seize the day.

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Call Questions


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