Every renaissance comes to the world with a cry, the cry of the human spirit to be free.

 Anne Sullivan

October Discussion Calls

Call 1


Fly Away Home


A lonely 13-year-old rescues a family of geese from land developers and forms a bond with them. Inspired by actual events.

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Call Questions

Fly Away Home is a precious movie for those looking for alternative ways of living.

There are many themes and these are what we want to discuss on our call:

  • obviously loss, since that is where the movie starts
  • mothering and changes in mothering throughout the film
  • the issue of growth as a driver of habitat loss and why some will sell land for development. Can we have compassion for them?
  • authority used well and not
  • what different kinds of vulnerability did you see in the film?
  • trust: what breaks it and what restores it?
  • creativity and how it develops our capacity for risk taking. Could you fly through  city with geese right behind you?
  • imitation for development and helping a slower to develop bird takes his place
  • the theme of caring in people
  • the theme of fairness to nature and animals
  • the joy of being a part of the world's goodness.

I hope you enjoy the film.

Call Recording - Fly Away Home


Call 2

Good Will Hunting


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Watch Good Will Hunting

Call Questions

Characters in Will Hunting's crowd:

    • Matt Damon: Will Hunting
    • Ben Affleck: Chuckie
    • Casey Affleck: Morgan
    • Cole Hauser: Billy

Other characters:

    • Stellan Skarsgard: Lambeau, the MIT math professor
    • Minnie Driver: Skylar, Harvard student
    • Robin Williams: Sean the psychologist

In the beginning of the film we are introduced to some of the main characters: Ben Affleck, Matt Damon as Will Hunting, and Ben's brother and another friend. They are a small group of buddies from Southie, the colloquial name for South Boston which is largely a working class area of Boston. We can see how life is fairly close to the bone, people work as laborers or other minimum wage jobs and they do not have the depth of financial resources of people who are fairly well off so they purchase things like sofas through a layaway arrangement. There is some hard living in this group including fights and drinking.

Next we meet the professors and students at MIT, one of the most prestigious universities in the US and the world. The people in the rarified intellectual world of MIT have advanced mental and verbal skills which make them adept with complex ideas and conceptual ways of thinking with the verbal facilities including debate that come with that. They live in the world of the mind.

How does each group regard the other and why?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

How does Will draw on the abilities of each? How does he use his mental capabilities as a defense for himself and also use the vulnerabilities of others?

This movie explores issues of vulnerability, loyalty, total commitment and loss/grieving. How does each character handle each: 

    • Chuckie on the difference in abilities and life possibilities between him, the guys and Will?
    • Lambeau who has issues with Sean about their different career paths and relative success?
    • The guys's group on Will's leaving
    • Sean in his therapy sessions with Will about
      • 1. how book knowledge is not the same as experience and how it is only with experience that you have something real to say,  
      • 2. what you have to say is not worth a lot if you have no real experience that you are sharing
      • 3. following your heart,
      • 4. risking it all in love and why that matters, 5. how the pain of loss is worth it.

How is vulnerability a weapon and how does that affect our ability to change?

If vulnerability is a key not only to change but to satisfaction in life, who is really living well in the movie?

What do you think of the definition of a soul mate as someone who stretches you?

Robin Williams was likely a highly sensitive person. Do you think the Will Hunting character was and what sensitive characteristics does he have?

Call Recording - Good Will Hunting