“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” 

Coco Chanel

November Discussion Calls

Call 1


Groundhog Day


An obnoxious weatherman finds himself reliving the same 24-hour period over and over.

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Call Questions

Groundhog Day is a movie about stuckness and transformation. There is no brutal violence but there is some slapping and car accidents.

  1. What is your take on what Phil Connors is like in the opening scenes?
  2. What did you initially like or dislike about him?
  3. The movie has different takes on reality:
    1. Phil's reality,
    2. his coworker's Larry and Rita's reality
    3. the reality of the people of the town
  4. To what degree is reality what is and to what degree is it our creation?
  5. What difference do choices really make and where do they make a difference?
  6. What would you do if you have one day to live over and over?
  7. What would you do if you have nothing to lose or no consequences?
  8. What in the movie is precious?
  9. How would you describe Phil's journey?
  10. Where did hope come from?
  11. What caused Phil's situation to change?
  12. What can we learn about manifesting rom this film?

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Call 2

Peanut Butter Falcon


The Peanut Butter Falcon is an adventure story set in the world of a modern Mark Twain that begins when Zak, a young man with Down syndrome, runs away from the nursing home where he lives to chase his dream of becoming a professional wrestler by attending the wrestling school The SaltWater Redneck. Through circumstances beyond their control Tyler, a small-time outlaw on the run, becomes Zak's unlikely coach and ally. Together they wind through deltas, elude capture, drink whisky, find God, catch fish, and convince Eleanor, a kind nursing home employee with a story of her own, to join them on their journey.

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Peanut Butter Falcon


Call Questions

Why does the relationship between Tyler and Zak work?

The people in the movie "see" each other; how does that happen?

What changes in the language and self perceptions of Zak and Tyler?

Why do each of the characters, Tyler, Zak, and Eleanor need a journey to a new life?

In what ways does the movie seem authentic?

Where does the theme of redemption surface and how?

When is safety important and when is it stifling?

Would you like a watermelon helmet?

Call Recording - Peanut Butter Falcon