"Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up."

Pablo Picasso

May Discussion Calls

Call 1




A miner's son decides to prospect for gold in the jungles of Indonesia. With the help of an experienced geologist, he actually manages to unearth a massive gold deposit, but is soon forced to protect his find from ruthless Wall Street traders.

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Call Questions

  • In the opening scenes, we see Kenny, the main character, in his younger years working with his father. We see something of his personality. How does the Kenny you meet in the film compare with what you expect someone in the Red meme to be like?
  • What did you think of his commitment to a dream he had? Could you go all in the way he did on a nighttime dream?
  • Could you commit totally without knowing how you were going to make something happen?
  • What did not think of Kenny's:
    • Passion
    • Red brashness and impulsiveness
    • Dream being validation enough or in his mind reality?
  •  What did it mean when Kenny said, "Hustlers, they are my guy.s" How is that a good thing?
  • Kenny had high regard for people who get their hands dirty. How is that like the conversational nature of reality?
  • Wall Street represents the Orange meme which is coming up in a few months. How would you differentiate the energies, attitudes, and purposes of each in this film? Which did you respect and why?
  • Why do you think Kenny turned down $300 million to expand his mining business?
  • Where did you see authenticity in the film and where was it lacking?
  • What do you think of Kenny's definition of a prospector as someone who always believes "it is out there" through thick and thin and do you like that or not?
  • What do you think makes Kenny, who is a Red meme personality more constructive than many people in the Red meme like people in gangs?
  • What did you think of the ending?

Note: there is some swearing and rough language; there is also a minor fight scene around 1:10.

Gold Call Recording


Call 2

Creativity Call

Part 1 Freddie Mercury And Queen - Red Upleveled

Rock bands are very Red meme and certainly, Freddie Mercury and Queen exhibited some Red behaviors but they also had a lot more going on. Freddie Mercury was a genius in many different ways. I am including an article that describes some of the reasons for the genius and also a video of their performance for Live Aid which is considered the best live performance ever. There is also a short interview which shows a more introverted and shyer Freddie Mercury. You may or may not like the music. The important thing to listen for in the videos is the energy.

Freddie not only had the all in energy of the Red meme but he also had:

  • a 4-octave vocal range
  • a deep and very original creativity which he had the utmost confidence in
  • the ability to see the beauty in all kinds of music and include all influences in his work (he sang in opera) - that inclusivity is a Green me or higher characteristic
  • a very strong work ethic
  • an exceptionally generous spirit which you can see in his relationship with his audience and the band - also generally a higher meme capability.
  • an awareness about his impact on others which he took seriously - also a higher meme level capability.

The important thing is to notice how all of these characteristics and capabilities showed up in him and his energy so you can see how Red energy can be channeled productively.

Article: How Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” Showcased The Genius Of Freddie Mercury

Part 2: Taking Imagination Seriously

Call Questions

  1. What was the source(s) of the creativity in Freddie Mercury, Queen, and Janet Echelman?
  2. What made Freddie Mercuty unique?
  3. Why was Freddie Mercury so versatile?
  4. What was the catalyst that enabled Janet to begin her new path in art?
  5. How did she go about developing her new path in art? What kind of a process was it?
  6. What is the role of wonder in her work?
  7. How to both Freddie Mercury and Janet Echelman work with heritage?
  8. How did Janet handle the vulnerability of developing her artwork?
  9. How is her journey like the one made by Luc and described by David Whyte?
  10. As a sensitive person, what do you do with wonder and imagination? Do you feel shut down and invalidated or are you able to easily embrace new ideas?
  11. What qualities in Janet would you like to develop?
  12. What qualities in Freddie would you like to develop?
  13. In what way does each exhibit soulcentric qualities?

Creativity Call Recording