The ability to subordinate an impulse to a value is the essence of the proactive person.

Stephen Covey

June Discussion Calls

Call 1




In turn-of-the-century Europe, a Jewish teen disguises herself as a boy to study the Talmud.

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Call Questions

  • What do we learn about Yentl in the beginning about marriage and the rules?
  • Is she open or closed in her relation to life?
  • What do we learn about her community? How does it compare with the tribal system? Is it open or closed?
  • Is her community loving?
  • What difference does Yentl’s father make for her in terms of her direction in life and her self assessment?
  • Which of the qualities we have been talking about so far: presence, intuition, wonder, and creativity does Yentl embody?
  • Does Yentl adopt any Blue meme qualities and why?
  • What happens to creativity and mischievousness under the Blue meme system?
  • What is diligence without curiosity and wonder?
  • What are your thoughts about sacrifice as presented in the film:
    • learning hidden by Yentl and father?
    • sacrifice of women
    • sacrifice of Yentl because of her love for Avigdor
    • sacrifice of Avigdor by Yentl because of her love of learning
  • How is being busy used to control women?
  • When is discipline/diligence good and when not so good?
  • What is the relationship between approval and disapproval and how does our loving nature get entangled in it?

There is no violence in the movie.

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Call 2

Where The Wild Things Are


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