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July Discussion Calls

Call 1


The Social Network


Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg creates the social networking site. That would become known as Facebook but is later sued by two brothers who claimed he stole their idea, and the co-founder who was later squeezed out of the business.

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Call Questions

We had a glimpse of the Orange meme system in the Gold movie - the money people in New York. This movie takes us into the realities of the Orange meme system and the hardball ways of people in the Orange meme system.

  • In the opening conversation between Erica and Mark, what struck you about it? Was there a conversation going on or something else?
  • What are the differences in values between Erica and Zuckerberg displayed in the opening scene between them?
  • What is the attitude toward the college girls at Harvard in creating the rating website?
  • The movie takes us through the history of the start of Facebook by going through meetings regarding the lawsuits brought against Mark. What did we learn about:
    • Zuckerburg's attitude and how ruthless he could be. Was that important or necessary?
    • Mark's manipulation of the Winklevoss' and his friend, Eduardo. In what ways were they vulnerable without knowing it?
    • the role of the college in protecting the Winklevoss twins?
    • how important having a name and being visible are vs. other qualities (Sean Parker vs Eduardo)?
  • The importance of "getting there first" was mentioned as very important. What are the benefits in terms of market share of mind and other sources of support in doing so?
  • How people with new money, established money and royal money operate? How do these different kinds of social position operate and who supports who?
  • Why are the Winklevoss twins hesitant to sue Mark Zuckerberg?
  • How do you protect yourself in the Orange meme?
  • What does the movie tell us about loyalty and friendship in the Orange meme?
  • Look back over the othere meme systems and the movies we have watched. Consider how defenses and defensiveness changes. How does the Orange meme compare to there meme systems. 

This movie has no violence. Because it takes place in a college setting and in California it has some wild party scene with some scant clothing but not full nudity. There is an occasional swear.

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Call 2

At Eternity's Gate


At Eternity's Gate is the movie about the challenges and genius of Van Gogh towards the end of his life.

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Watch at Eternity's Gate

Call Questions

At Eternity's Gate Notes

Notice how Van Gogh

  • gets close to the ground
  • does lots of walking
  • pays attention to place, site
  • has a high connection with environment and place
  • has a squiggly line style, a rhythmic painting style: uses color, light, energy, and rhythm
  • engages fully with each step in his work 
  • is contemplative
  • is highly sensory:  breeze in field
  • is hurt when attacked by school children - he suffers from being different
  • has a kind brother kind who is his anchor
  • notices aliveness: mark making very much in the moment; he connects the viewer with experience - the painting becomes a sensory journey for viewer.
  • Gauguin vs Van Gogh: mental vs energetic intimacy
  • painting like a meditation, Van Gogh feels a part of everything inside and out.
  • makes an interesting statement: “angel not far from those who are sad and illness can heal us.”


  1. How is Gaugain’s idea of freedom (away from systems, bureaucracies and “schools”) different from Van Gogh’s freedom through intimate connection?
  2. Is Gaugain right about community? Is it stifling as he sees it? just a set of hierarchies?
  3. When he is painting shoes: Van Gogh paints energies and lets them connect on their own in the image.  How different from living from an idea? How do you get that kind of trust in yourself?
  4. Vn Gogh develops a visceral connection with place. How important, how missing today?
  5. How does Van Gogh  see and what do you need to be able to do to see as he does? He sees eternity in a flat landscape. What kind of seeing is that?
  6. How did he become target of villagers?there? How did it affect Van Gogh? Any insight into how much was him and how much was them?
  7. Everytime he looks at nature sees something he did not see before - sees the tie that unites all. Gaugain paints what he mind sees, painting is about his own perception. Are they mutually exclusive?
  8. Is painting energetic sculpture? 
  9. What about his perceptions of always being wrong, about his alienation. What are causes and could anything have helped him?
  10. This movie asks us to consider when conformity is too high a price and when following the soul's desires might be too costly. What do you think?
  11. What do you think of his desire to share the vision of what he sees with others, to help others feel what it means to be alive?

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