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February Discussion Calls

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Gandhi is a 1982 epic historical drama film based on the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the leader of India's non-violent, non-cooperative independence movement against the United Kingdom's rule of the country during the 20th century.

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Gandhi is an excellent movie about one of the most inspirational human beings ever. Here are some discussion questions for you to consider in viewing the movie:

  • Gandhi talks about making injustice visible early in the film when he is in South Africa. Where does he place responsibility for dealing with injustice? What is his role? How does he define what creates the injustice in South Africa?
  • Notice how Gandhi defines not only responsibility but also appropriate noncooperation. What types of actions did he use to raise awareness?
  • How does Gandhi take back power from the British? How is standing up for basic rights a way of taking back power?
  • What is the effect of one culture imposing its ideals on another?
  • How does Gandhi handle the natural vulnerability that comes with change?
  • Is it enough to identify what is wong?
  • Gandhi talks about being worthy of independence. What does that mean to you?
  • Every time we change from one level of the spiral to the next we go through a process of change similar to the process India used to gain its independence. What ideas and strategies did Gandhi use that you consider valuable in making a change?

The movie, Gandhi, is a docudrama so it documents the challenges of the times. Gandhi lived through 2 world wars: I and II and all the unrest that led to the independence of India. The movie reflects those events. The following are a list of violent episodes in the movie which you may want to skip. The first and last entries on the list are the scenes of Gandhi's death.

  1.    2:49 - 3:08
  2.   14:50 - 15:44 (beatings)
  3.   33:48 - 34:38 (intimidation)
  4. 1:24:34 - 1:29:38 (massacre)
  5. 1:42:00 - 1:44:30 (police beating)
  6. 2:12:50 - 2:15:35 (salt mine beatings)
  7. 2:43:20 - 2:45:02 (ethnic fighting)
  8. 2:47:36 - 2:48:17 (ethnic fighting)
  9. 2:59:08 - 2:59:38

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A young Chinese maiden disguises herself as a male warrior in order to save her father.

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