Add Love To Your Life With Abhyanga Daily Oil Massage

The good news is that you do not need an elephant to have a great massage.

Massage is actually something that you can do for yourself every day.

The massage I am referring to is an oil massage which feels luxurious – like a dose of love – and detoxes as well.


One of the most valued daily health practices in Ayurveda is oil massage called abhyanga.

Abhyanga, the Sanskrit word for oil, is the practice of pouring herbal oil on the body and massaging the oil into the body to help restore and maintain balance. It is a daily massage practice for promoting general health or it can be part of the Ayurveda detoxification program called panchakarma. Sesame oil is the most commonly used oil for self-massage.

From a health perspective according to The Ayurveda Encyclopedia, abhyanga benefits the lymphatic system which carries nutrients to and removes toxins from the cells. Increasing nourishment and reducing toxins helps highly sensitive people by supporting their sensitive nervous systems from unnecessary toxic overload.

Health Benefits of Abhyanga

The Ayurveda Encyclopedia lists the following additional benefits of abhyanga:

  1. reverses and prevents aging
  2. releases fatigue and stress
  3. heals and prevents nervous system disorders
  4. helps vision
  5. nourishes the body and improves sturdiness
  6. remedies insomnia
  7. promotes electrochemical balance in the body
  8. prevents dehydration in the skin
  9. strengthens nerves
  10. helps the electromagnetic field of the body
  11. strengthens the immune system by increasing antibodies.

These important benefits of a daily oil massage provide help for highly sensitive people because the oil goes into the skin, tissues and the nerves providing relief for stress, insomnia and fatigue which we are all affected by.

When the massage is done daily, it helps prevent the buildup of stress and nerve damage in the body. Unlike medication for stress and nerves, oil massage doesn’t have any side effects. A daily abhyanga practice keeps skin supple and helps reverse the aging that comes with the buildup of toxins.

How Abhyanga Makes You Feel

When doing your daily oil massage, the first step is to warm the oil.  When you put the oil on your skin and scalp you can feel the warm nourishment of it. When you massage the skin you are making sure that the medicated oil is absorbed to benefit as much of your body as possible. It takes 5-10 minutes depending on how much massaging of the oil you decide to do.

When you complete the massage, you shower or bathe and groom your hair.  Your hair will feel silky and healthy.  The massage on your skin will give you a feeling of joyful lightness as you go through your day.  I think that the self-massage feels like you have received some love and as a result, you have the feeling of being protected during the day.  It causes you to feel better, have a more positive outlook, and therefore have a better day.

For highly sensitive people who need every help they can get, oil massage is an easy way to obtain many health benefits, reduce stress and strengthen their nervous systems.  It detoxes, and because it is a great form of self-care, it can be thought of as an affirmation. The Ayurvedic practice of abhyanga is a perfect way for HSP’s to take excellent care of themselves.

Ginger: A High Powered Herb For Great Health

Ginger is one of the most important spices you can use not only because of its substantial effect on the digestion but also because of its ability to balance the three body-types.

Ginger For Balance

The three body types in Ayurveda are vata for movement, pitta for metabolism, and kapha for the body’s structure.  Vata, pitta, and kapha are parts of each of us but in different relative strength. That accounts for why some people prefer hot weather and others cool weather, why some love spicy food and others hate it and why some people love physical labor and sports and others do not.

If you know your predominant body type (see quiz), then you can choose the best ginger remedy for you. According to the Ayurvedic Encyclopedia,

  • vata needs ginger combined with rock salt
  • pitta needs ginger combined with rock candy
  • kapha requires ginger combined with honey.

Power Up Your Digestion With Ginger

Ginger has another important function. It helps with the digestion. That may not sound like much, but digestion is one of the most important functions of your body. According to MAPI, ginger:

  1. ginger stokes the digestive fire
  2. whets the appetite
  3. improves assimilation of food
  4. improves transportation of nutrients to targeted body tissues
  5. and clears the microcirculatory channels of the body to facilitate absorption of food and removal of wastes.

Ginger acts as a stimulant and a roto-rooter to make the digestive system more effective.

Food, when it is not properly digested and assimilated in the body, clogs the system attaching itself to tissues and organs.  It then reduces the functioning of the body and eventually creates disease. Taking ginger before lunch and dinner is a great way to ensure a healthy digestion.

Treating Disease With Ginger

Ginger has other benefits:

  • it acts as an analgesic, reducing pain, for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis
  • it helps with motion sickness and has helped some pregnant women with morning sickness
  • it is used as a cold and flu remedy
  • it reduces the inflammation that can cause migraines
  • it has also been used in treat ovarian and colon cancer.

Ginger is a wonderful herb and spice that is easily incorporated into the diet and is worth considering to keep you in balance and your digestion humming on all cylinders.

Frustration: How It Affects Your Health


It may not seem obvious but frustration can adversely affect your health.

Please consider the following: you cannot be healthy if your body and being are not getting your needs met. When your needs are being met, you are not frustrated and therefore healthier. You are also more easily functioning at your highest level.

Ideas About Frustration

Frustration is a complicated subject and there are many ways of thinking about it:

  1. in a capitalistic economic system, the health implications of self denial is not well considered. We are expected to frustrate our needs for rest and balanced living in the pursuit of money.
  2. frustration can be viewed as a form of caring, when we put someone else’s needs ahead of our own.
  3. accepting frustration can be a sign of maturity when we accept an imperfect world, that does not always perform as well as we would like
  4. frustration can have political implications, when some people’s needs are served more than others. An example would be the uneven support for the educational needs of all children.
  5. spiritual ideas about non-attachment directly deals with problems related to desires and frustration. When we eliminate desires and expectations, we eliminate frustration and the potential abuse that can come from it.

Frustration And Health

You could say that we have many conflicting ideas about doing without and therefore it can be difficult to make sense of how to deal with the feelings created by it as it relates to our health and well-being. So here are one ideas to consider:
  1. frustration to your body’s functioning means that nutrients and oxygen do not reach your cells causing a form of malnutrition.
  2. when toxins enter your body and bloodstream they will be distributed throughout your body, impairing the functioning of your cells.
  3. when your food is not properly digested it enters the blood stream and creates congestion in the body.
  4. when your digestion does not function properly your immune system does not get the support it needs.
  5. when you eat too often you do not give your body enough time to fully digest food so it ends up becoming sludge in your body.
  6. when your nutritional needs are not met, your body is sluggish from toxins, undigested food and lack of sleep, your emotional and mental condition is affected as well.

Taking Control Of Frustration

To understand more about how nutrition and health practices create or eliminate frustration in the body, I recommend the book, Perfect Health, by Deepak Chopra.  It is one of the best books available on how to create perfect health.

Taking control of physical discomfort created by not getting our needs met such as getting enough sleep, eating healthy food and eliminating toxins from your body will help you be your best and eliminate the larger unhappiness of not being at your best and the consequences that go with it. Developing wisdom and perspective can help your mental and emotional balance by keeping your expectations and desires and even idealism from harming you.

Tackling the important issue of frustration is a great way to develop greater quality of life and make it easier for you to show up in the best way possible.

Bullying Increases Self Harm


Is there a relationship between bullying and self-harm?

The British Medical Journal has published the findings on a study about the relationship between bullying and self-harm behaviors in children.

According to Medical News Today, “The study, conducted by researchers at King’s College in London, involved over 1000 sets of twins, ages 5, 7, 10 and 12 who were born in Wales and England between 1994 and 1995. The data showing the results of the self-harm tests collected on 2141 kids, 6 months before their 12th birthday, showed that 237 of them had been bullied, and 18 (8%) hurt themselves. Amongst the 1904 children who were not bullied, 44 (2%) inflicted self-harm. ”  The study notice a slightly higher incidence of self-harming among girls than boys.

In Great Britain 25% of children experience bullying which includes physical abuse, verbal abuse, social aggression as well as shunning and social exclusion.

Bullying is never pleasant but it is particularly devastating to young children. Bullying creates danger and betrayal for children that is a shock to them and which is hard for them to understand and handle. Children often assume that if something bad happens to them it is because there is something wrong with them.

Unfortunately, macho cultural models often glorify bullying behavior. We are quite disingenuous about the consequences of our violent cultural practices.

Children who have been bullied when they are young will demonstrate their pain in their behavior, by hitting their heads against a wall, pulling out their hair, cutting and biting themselves or even strangling themselves.  It is also likely that they will become withdrawn and, depending on the behavior of the adults around them, develop serious trust issues that they may not recover from.

Bullying causes a child to feel defective, that can last an entire lifetime. Bullying at a young age destroys a child’s feeling of being welcome and valued in the world. It is an extremely vicious attack on a young life and a practice that needs to be stopped.

Why HSPs Need Oil Massage

Highly sensitive people can benefit from one of the best health practices in Ayurveda: oil massage called abhyanga.

Abhyanga is the practice of pouring herbal oil on the body and massaging the  oil into the body to help restore and maintain balance. Abhyanga is a daily massage practice for promoting general health or it can be part of the Ayurveda detoxification program called panchakarma.

According to The Ayurveda Encyclopedia abhyanga benefits the lymphatic system which is used throughout the body to carry nutrients to and remove toxins from the cells. This role gives the lymphatic system an important place in maintaining the nourishment of the body and detoxing as well.

The Ayurveda Encyclopedia lists the following additional benefits of abhyanga:

  1. reverses and prevents aging
  2. releases fatigue and stress
  3. heals and prevents nervous system disorders
  4. helps vision
  5. nourishes the body and improves sturdiness
  6. remedies insomnia
  7. promotes electrochemical balance in the body
  8. prevents dehydration in the skin
  9. strengthens nerves
  10. helps the electromagnetic field of the body
  11. strengthens the immune system by increasing antibodies.

These important benefits of a daily oil massage are very beneficial for highly sensitive people in several ways. HSPs can help their nervous system because the oil goes into the skin, tissues and the nerves providing relief for stress, insomnia and fatigue.

When the massage is done daily, it helps prevent the buildup of stress and nerve damage in the body. Unlike medication for stress and nerves, oil massage doesn’t have any side effects. A daily abhyanga practice keeps skin supple and helps reverse the aging that comes with the buildup of toxins.

One of the most important things you can do everyday for your health is detox.  You cannot escape the need.  Even if you eat pure organic food every day, it is impossible to escape the toxins from pollution and stress.  Abhyanga is a kind of immunization from toxins if done daily. For highly sensitive people who need every help they can get, oil massage is an easy way to obtain many health benefits, reduce stress and strengthen their nervous systems.  Oil massage is perfect for HSPs.

How Natural Time Affects Health

One of the most important factors in health is time but perhaps not in the way you may think.

In Western society, we think of one minute as the same as the next, and although we recognize the changes of season, we are often insulated from them, in our homes, offices and cars. Time is often measured in economic not natural terms, so we do not understand how to harmonize our lives with natural time.

Robert Svoboda, well known Ayurvedic physician and author of The Hidden Secret of Ayurveda explains in his book how the cycles of the day, and the year and the bioenergies of the body are all related to elements of nature. There are five elements of our world: ether, air, fire, water and earth.  Ether represents empty space, air represents wind, fire represents metabolism and transformation, water represents lubrication, and earth represents solidity. They are represented in nature, in our bodies and in time.

Because they are the most fundamental to life, air, fire and earth define the three bioenergies or doshas of the body: vata is air, pitta is fire and kapha is earth.  Ether is considered part of air and vata dosha.  Water is part of pitta dosha (fire) since water is necessary to activate the stomach acids for the fire of digestion and kapha dosha (earth) which has the role of lubricating the body.

The body is not the only way in which the three bioenergies of vata, pitta and kapha are relevant. The day reflects the bioenergies as well.  The day is divided onto six segments which incorporate the doshas according to the natural time rhythms of the day. The time segments are:

2-6AM: Vata

6-10AM: Kapha

10AM-2PM: Pitta

2PM-6PM: Vata

6PM-10PM: Kapha

10PM-2AM: Pitta

Vata represents the movement of prana and as a result is active at dawn and dusk when prana is most active. Pitta representing fire is active when the sun (fire) is strongest and when our digestion is strongest. Kapha which represents the solidity of our bodies slows down at night and when the sun rises starts to awaken. Its lubricative function is warmed by the sun so that is fully available to our digestive systems at midday.

A perfect example of how Ayurveda uses this information is the practice of eating the main meal of the day at midday.  Since the digestion is strongest then, food can be processed more efficiently minimizing the possibility of building up undigested food in the body which leads to disease. Poorly digested food is one of many sources of toxins that create imbalances impairing our ability to function and our happiness.

Ayurveda fosters daily habits that work with natural time which contributes to enjoying a long, healthy life. It helps us minimize disease as much as possible by keeping us in balance as much as possible. For highly sensitive people who have many health challenges, Ayurveda is a worthwhile investment.

The Special Benefits Of Health For HSPs

Do you know what it means to be healthy? Most people do not.

In our culture, health is often assumed to be the absence of visible symptoms of disease. That is a mistaken view of health.

So what is health?

What Is Health?

Health is a state of harmony between all aspects of your being. It is a state where you are able to function optimally. Health means that nothing is dragging you down: poor food that cogs your system, environmental toxins, poor digestion, stress factors that create the conditions for metabolic syndrome, toxic relationships, toxic work conditions.

Health is a state of perfect balance and well being where every aspect of your being is in sync with every other part of you. You are a fully functioning in the holistic sense.

You may be thinking that it is too good to be true. And yes I am describing ideal conditions that do not exist. However, more is possible than you may think.

Why Bother?

Once you have a picture of perfect health, of total well-being and perfect functioning you can begin to formulate a health plan. In health this is important. We are unlikely to create perfect conditions in our lives and in our health because life is not perfect. The good news is that nature has provided us with a cushion for life’s ups and downs: our immune system.

However, our immune system has its limits especially the immune systems of highly sensitive people which can be easily overwhelmed by stress and toxins. In order to prevent toxic overload you need to take into account your living situation and your medical vulnerabilities to begin to figure out what adjustments are necessary to bring your situational challenges in line with your capacity to handle them.

Here is a formula for toxic burden that you can use to consider how overwhelmed your body is: toxic food + environmental factors+toxic relationships+situational stress = toxic burden. Once you get a picture of your toxic burden you can consider how well your immune system can cope with it and how much you need to make changes in your life.

None of these factors are quantifiable. But they can give you a sense of how much toxicity your system is trying to handle and whether or not it is being overwhelmed by damaging factors. If you start stripping away toxic conditions in your life you can then at some point notice when what your system can handle is met by your environmental conditions.

You have reached a state of equilibrium.

Is Equilibrium Enough?

Equilibrium is good and beneficial. It will give you improved functioning and is healthier than what most people have. So it is a worthwhile goal. However, it is my personal feeling that when it comes to health, we are better off shooting for the stars.

Highly sensitive people naturally have a lot of energy flowing through them. Too much. So when we allow too many toxins in our bodies, we slow down the processing of all the energy we take in. For HSPs this is a painful situation.

Extreme Benefits Of Health For HSPs

Depending on your point of view it is an a blessing or a curse that highly sensitive people cannot really get away with anything in relation to their health. All toxins have an impact; they are inescapable. HSPs have the mind body connection in spades so there is a big upside to creating extreme health that is worth pursuing.

It can help you:

  • align more natural with your true self
  • make it easier to work
  • make you feel stronger and more resilient
  • make it easier to be in your natural creativity
  • make relationships easier, since toxins affect our personalities.
Pursuing excellent health is, frankly, a must for highly sensitive people. It also offers us the ability to come into our own, to blossom and contribute our talents more fully to the world. It also helps us find some much deserved joy.
That is worth a lot.

13 Herbs For Detoxing

My cat, Kelly, loves to eat my asparagus fern.

She is detoxing.

I learned from Dr. John Douillard of Lifespa in Colorado that new greens which emerge from the ground in the spring are meant to help us cleanse our intestinal tract after a winter of eating heavy insulating foods. There are specific steps in an effective detoxing program.

In order to detox well, you need the right diet and practices that will support the cleansing of your system.  In addition, there are herbs that are especially effective for removing the toxins that make you sluggish and create disease.

These are 13 Ayurvedic herbs for an effective detoxing and rejuvenation program (1)(2):

  1. for cleaning the lymphatic system, where our immune system is located: manjistha. According to the Ayurvedic Encyclopedia, manjistha is one of the best herbs for blood purification and for detoxing the liver of environmental toxins which are increasingly a reason for poor health. It also cleans and regulates the liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys, all organs which are important parts of the digestive system, and is anti-cancer and anti-tumor.
  2. for repairing the mucus membrane of the gut, which becomes dysfunctional when clogged by heavy foods: turmeric. Turmeric helps relieve the mucus buildup that comes from eating heavy foods, regulates the metabolism, is a natural antibiotic that improves intestinal flora and purifies the blood.  It improves IBS, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease and all inflammatory conditions.
  3. thinning the bile so that toxins do not get backed up in the liver forcing them into the body where they will be stored in fat cells: beets, fenugreek, cinnamon.
    • Beets improve lymph, liver and gall bladder functioning and act as a laxative as well.
    • Fenugreek is a rejuvenating herb that improves liver function and diabetic symptoms.
    • Cinnamon is a strengthener: it strengthens the metabolism, one’s constitution and the individual organs of digestion: the liver, spleen pancreas and kidneys.
  4. cleansing the liver for proper processing of fat soluble toxins: amalaki, guduchi, barberry.
    • Amalaki cleans the intestines, stops stomach and intestinal inflammation, and improves the symptoms of diabetes and gastrointestinal conditions.
    • Guduchi is a blood purifier that improves digestion. It supports the immune system.
    • Barberry is a kind of decongestant in that it reduces fat, reduces congestion in the stomach, regulates liver functioning and destroys toxins in the body.
  5. cell regeneration: shilajit. Shilajit restores oxygen and nutrition to depleted cells and strengthens the immune system.
  6. balancing blood sugar: gymnema sylvestre removes sugar from the pancreas and restores pancreatic function and making it one of the most important  Ayurvedic herbs for diabetes.
  7. restoring digestion: ginger, black pepper, long pepper. These three herbs all act on digestion to stimulate and restore the digestive fire.

These are all important and useful herbs for anyone seeking a strong digestive detox. I have personally used then and have been very pleased with the improvement to my well-being. They are worth considering as part of a detoxification plan.

(1) Some herbal information obtained from the Ayurvedic Encyclopedia.

(2)These herbs are part of Dr. John Douillard’s Colorado Cleanse.

The Best Spring Home Detox Program

I have taken the Colorado Cleanse and that is why I am discussing it now.

The Cleanse is the best detox program that I know of because it does the serious work of internal cleaning. It is very effective.

The Colorado Cleanse is not a superficial program. If you really would like to feel better and understand what you are doing and why this program will help you immensely.

I love how Dr. John Douillard, the program creator, explains  all aspects of it so that you become more empowered in your health care. Too often we are kept in the dark about how to become healthy. Dr. Douillard demystifies it – to his credit.

The program is offering a 15% discount to Early Birds starting on 2/28 for newsletter subscribers. The Cleanse can be done at any time; however, if you would like to try the group cleanse, it is offered this year from April 9-22.

Below are the details of the program. In the interest of full disclosure, I am an affiliate.


How The Colorado Cleanse Is Different

The Colorado Cleanse is a 2 week at-home detox and digestive reset program, designed to help detoxify fat soluble toxins that can store for years in the fat cells.* Unlike other fad cleanses, the Colorado Cleanse is rooted in sound medical science and the ancient cleansing wisdom of Ayurveda. This cleanse has been developed by Dr. Douillard through decades of clinical practice with thousands of successful cleansers, many of whom are now its biggest fans.

Where fad cleanses emphasize extreme fasting and dangerously unbalanced diets, the Colorado Cleanse relies on a gentle, simple diet that allows the body to burn fat without hunger pains.*

And where fad cleanses trigger blood sugar crashes, starvation-mode cravings and immediate binging afterwards, the Colorado Cleanse balances the blood sugar, allowing the body to enjoy the contented blissful energy of natural fat-metabolism, while you continue working and going about your daily life.*

The Colorado Cleanse is unique because it repairs the body’s detox and digestive channels before starting the detox.* Cleansing without this preparation can move toxins from one fat cell to another, which defeats the purpose of cleansing and often manifests as stubborn digestive weakness and symptoms of lymphatic congestion.*

The Colorado Cleanse is a 2 week at-home detox and digestive rejuvenation program.  You can do the Anytime Colorado Cleanse at your own convenience, or your can join us each Spring and Fall during the Group Colorado Cleanse.   The Colorado Cleanse can be done while working and leading your regular lifestyle.

Colorado Cleanse Success Stories

The Colorado Cleanse has helped thousands of people. Here are some of the many stories of people who have benefited from this wonderful detox program. I highly recommend that you read them.

What does the Cleanse involve?

During the 2-week Colorado Cleanse you will do a daily practice of yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises, 12 minutes of aerobic exercise, take Ayurvedic herbal formulas that support the detox process, and eat a special diet during the three phases*:

PRE-CLEANSE (Days 1-4) 
To prepare your body to flush these toxins out of their storage sites, we will first make sure that your natural detox channels are functional by following an allergen-free whole foods diet, eating 4 specific foods each day, and taking the specified herbs.* This will help:

  • Balance Blood Sugar and Heal Intestinal Villi: Start by stabilizing your blood sugar and healing the intestinal mucosa of your intestinal tract.*
  • De-Stagnate the Lymphatic System: Improve the function of your lymphatic system, which drains the gut through the GALT (Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue) where 80% of the body’s immune system is housed.*
  • Thin the Bile and Prepare to Detox: Once the detox channels of the lymph are moving, decongest the liver and thin the bile. Adequate bile flow is critical in optimizing and maintaining the detox channels of the body.*

MAIN CLEANSE (Days 5-11)
During the Main Cleanse, you will eat a simplified diet of nonfat khichari, which is a specific type of rice and beans prepared in a way that helps heal the digestion.* You will also drink increasing amounts of ghee each morning.

  • Reset Fat Metabolism, Flush the Liver and Detox Toxic Fat: Once the liver and bile are functioning better, cleanse the toxic chemicals that are stored in the fat cells.*
  • Self-Inquiry Exercises to help release old emotions, patterns, habits and behaviors that store in the fat cells.*

POST CLEANSE (Days 12-14)
After the Main Cleanse, you will return to the Pre Cleanse diet and add a Digestive Reset Protocol to boost your digestive fire.*

  • Reset Digestive Strength: After the cleanse, reset your upper digestive strength, which is the most common cause of digestive distress.*

You will continue taking your herbal formulas for a few more weeks. In addition, we recommend that you follow a seasonal, whole foods diet, which you will naturally have the craving for now.

What The Group Cleanse Offers

Live Q&A Calls with John Douillard

During the Colorado Cleanse we I will do three Live Q&A Conference Calls where you will have an opportunity to ask me questions and learn from the questions of your fellow Cleansers.  If you are not able to make the live call and have a question, you can email it ahead of time to

  • 1st Live Q&A:  Monday April 8
  • 2nd   Live Q&A:  Monday April 15
  • 3rd Live Q&A:  Monday April 22

* All calls will be recorded. You will be able to listen to the replay on the following day.

5 Audio lectures for each phase of the Cleanse

A few days before each phase of the Cleanse, we will email you access to a 15-20 minute audio lecture where I discuss why that phase is important, how to prepare for it, protocols, and how to prevent any potential speed bumps.  The lectures are pre-recorded and you can listen to them at your convenience:

  1. Preparation
  2. Pre-Cleanse
  3. Main Cleanse
  4. Post Cleanse
  5. Maintenance for after the Cleanse

Daily Emails

Each morning during the Cleanse I will send you an email with all the instructions and protocols you need for that day.  I will also share some stories, information and

Online Community Forum

On our private Online Forum for the Colorado Cleanse, you will have a chance to connect with new cleansers, folks who have done it before, and our LifeSpa staff.  This will be a great place to ask for advice, offer encouragement, share recipes and even connect with cleansers in your area that you can meet in person!  I highly recommend taking advantage of it!

Colorado Cleanse book

My Colorado Cleanse book explains how and why to do this cleanse in detail and is based on guiding thousands of patients through this detox and digestion reset.  Our Cleansers report that their Colorado Cleanse book is an important resource that they refer to daily during the Cleanse.   192 pages. (If you do not own it yet, please choose the Complete Kit below, or you can add it as an Enhancement to the Repeat Kit or the Simply Herbs Kit.)

Ayurveda for Detox DVD

This beautifully produced instructional DVD guides you through the daily detox yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and self-massage that you will do each day of the cleanse – and hopefully afterwards.  It also includes an educational Ayurvedic talk by Dr. Douillard on how to follow a seasonal detoxifying diet every day of the year.  (If you do not own it yet, please choose the Complete Kit below, or you can add it as an Enhancement to the Repeat Kit or the Simply Herbs Kit.)


If you need to detox, this is an excellent program to consider. Learn more here.

Detox with Triphala

Triphala benefits HSPs in many ways. One is by offering gentle detoxing is a great way to help your body become healthy.

Triphala, known as the three fruits, is one of the most important herbal combinations in Ayurveda.

Triphala benefits everyone because it is a combination of three different herbs: amalaki (pictured above), haritaki and bibhitaki, designed to rejuvenate the body, it falls into the category of Ayurvedic rasayanas, which are important rejuvenating herbal preparations.

The Triphala Benefits

The reason triphala benefits are universal is because of  this combination of three herbs developed into one of the most valuable and balancing herbal supplements in Ayurveda:

  1. the three herbs target the balancing needs of the three doshas or bioenergies: vata, pitta and kapha
  2. triphala is gentle, in its balancing actions, and can be taken over a long period of time.
  3. imbalances can vary over time. Triphala in targeting all three doshas is targeting all imbalances not just ones that you have today.

What does each of these herbs do?

  • amalaki targets pitta imbalances – associated with digestion. Amalaki, also known as Indian gooseberry, has antiviral and antimicrobial effects. It supports the immune system and can be helpful for some forms of cancer, diabetes and some types of arthritis.
  • bibhitaki is astringent and used as a laxative.
  • haritaki supports the nervous system, helps with respiratory ailments, is a laxative, and generally improves the digestive tract.

Deepak Chopra, an Ayurvedic doctor, MD, and founder of the Chopra Center in California decries how each of the three fruits balances one of the Ayurvedic body types or doshas in his write-up on Triphala:

  1. amalaki balances pitta because it is cooling to the body. Pitta is the warm bioenergy which is balanced by cooling.
  2. haritaki is a very strong laxative and balances vata. Constipation is a sign of imbalance in the data bioenergy associated with movement.
  3. bibhitaki balances kapha by reducing mucus in the body. Kapha is the bioenergy associated with the structure of the body. When out of balance kapha created sluggishness and increases mucus in the body which can slow digestion and create congestion in other parts of the body.

By supporting all three doshas in the body, triphala is a great all-purpose balancer that has no side effects and can become part of a long-term wellness program.

Why Triphala Benefits HSP’s

Because of their nervous system challenges and other genetic diseases, highly sensitive people have to find gentle but effective herbal supports that enable them to reduce nutritional and stress toxins in their bodies. That is a tall order.

HSP’s cannot control every aspect of their lives. Using herbs like triphala can help restore some balance to a balance-challenged HSP. Triphala is one of the herbs that can make a huge difference in wellness when combined with other positive health practices.

Additional Information:


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