Invitation To Sensitive Evolution Guest Author Program

Sensitive Evolution is now offering a Guest Author Program for individuals who can:

  • help HSPs understand their trait better
  • provide insight and examples of successful stress handling and healing techniques
  • offer real life tips on how to create a better life for themselves.

Sensitive Evolution is a comprehensive website covering the personal development of highly sensitive people. It provides information to help highly sensitive people with their identity, health, and social challenges. It has an alternative health focus so that highly sensitive people can take charge of their health, become stronger and more resilient and ultimately blossom into their full potential.

Sensitive Evolution Guest Author Program Specifics

In order to write for the Sensitive Evolution Guest Author Program so that everyone benefits, please follow these guidelines:

  1. the article has to relate directly to the highly sensitive person. It has to be a unique article about your experience as a highly sensitive person, how you have solved a problem as a highly sensitive person, or how you have helped a highly sensitive person solve their problems or heal in some way.
  2. like many HSP websites, our purpose is to help highly sensitive people become stronger, healthier and lead more fulfilling lives. All articles must share that objective.
  3. please offer examples of a situation or use of a healing strategy so HSP readers can visualize how they could implement it themselves.
  4. these are the subjects we are interested in:
    • the experience of being a highly sensitive person, including issues around identity, overstimulation and sensory processing
    • research on the highly sensitive trait
    • the experience of being a highly sensitive person in relationships including handling boundary issues
    • improving self-worth
    • the experience of abuse as a highly sensitive person and abuse recovery
    • healing anxiety and depression as a highly sensitive person
    • handling negative energy
    • healing techniques to transform negative experiences
    • psychic protection techniques
    • energy healing techniques that help detox the nervous systems of HSP’s
    • managing stress levels for highly sensitive people: experiences and solutions
    • healthy work environments and work choices for highly sensitive people
    • success stories in any area of HSP life including improving health, handling stress, developing emotional resilience and social confidence, handling energy issues and handling invalidation and rejection.
    • examples of highly sensitive conditions that were helped by alternative health remedies.
  5. article minimums are 500 words.
  6. links to your website and social media accounts are to be placed in your author bio.

Sensitive Evolution is very active in social media. All posts are promoted extensively on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. We also syndicate content to other aggregators.

In order to make posting a good experience for you and the read, we ask that all guest writers respond to comments on their posts.

We would love to hear from you about your interest in highly sensitive people and how you would like to add your wisdom and insights to Sensitive Evolution. To apply, please email Sensitive Evolution here with:

  1. your name
  2. website url
  3. your relationship with the HSP trait: expert, therapist, healer, parent, you are one etc.
  4. what topics you want to write about
  5. some specific article headlines
  6. a representative writing sample.

We welcome the interest of anyone who can add value to the HSP experience and help other highly sensitive people.



Finding Our Way Home – Happy Holidays!


Not in the sense of getting in our cars and driving somewhere.

Not in the sense of home as an identity.

We Have Gotten Lost!

The holidays are more than a celebration. And I am not talking about a spiritual event in the traditional sense.

But this year presents us with a particular urgency beyond shopping, food and families with all of their conflicts.

Hurricane Sandy and the Newtown, CT killings of so many young children have touched a nerve in many us. We have gotten lost and need to do something about it.

What Has Happened To Us?

Our world is devolving into a series of disasters: wars, ecological damage and superstorms, and tragedies like Newtown which make our hearts hurt.

No place on earth is exempt, apparently. No age or innocence is a deterrent for the wars, violence  and environmental harm that is taking over our lives.

Many systems which should be supporting our lives have become military or disaster handling systems. Healthcare, which treats health issues as a problem to attack, is a perfect example.

Disasters and wars are expensive and drown our the rest of the lives with their huge costs. Social “entitlements” are frequently touted as the causes of our problems, while the huge costs of our wars and large scale disasters are accepted in an offhand  manner. $100-150 billion is the financial impact of storms like Katrina and Sandy. Wars have a huge cost as well.

But this is not just about the money.

Something more important is at stake.

Progress Is Up For Grabs

I read once that war stops growth and I think it makes sense.

I am not referring to capitalistic growth; I mean personal growth.

Anyone living in a war zone can only attempt to survive each day. Longer term considerations of education and other forms of development are necessarily put on the back burner. Therefore allowing disasters and wars to dominate our cultural lives is a way of hijacking the social space. It is a way of hijacking priorities. It is a subtle or not so subtle form of discrimination depending on your awareness of it.

It is very controlling.

We are at a point in our history where many people have been working on themselves to be a part of creating a world that is more humane, generous and sustainable. However, we are at risk. With 7 billion people on the planet, we are now being overwhelmed by disasters of all kinds.

Life Is Not War

I do not think that life was ever meant to be a war, I think we have made it that way. When we go to war, we claim the world for some and not for others. Unfortunately that has never been true.

The world is a home to all creatures and living forms. We humans are a small part of it.

So finding our way home means coming to terms with it – with our small place in the larger cosmos and respecting that we share it with everyone else.

It means being a part of making the amazing world a good home for everyone.

It means asking, “What is my part to play in making this world a great home?”

Coming Home

This year has provided us with a serious wake-up call in many ways.

Home is not a building. It is not a place.

Home is inside us. It is a soft place of wonder, generosity, and humility. It is open, sharing and creative.

It is a place each of us needs to find so that we can offer it and help us to do the same. Then we will truly have a special place on this amazing planet that is a home to all of us.

I wish you the best of holidays and a great journey home.

I Want A House I Can Feel In My Bones – A House That Knows Life

I wrote this for an essay contest for Tiny Texas Houses which builds houses out of salvaged materials.  I didn’t win but enjoyed writing this, so I wanted to share. I was inspired by the idea of a house as a lived experience so these are the words that flowed:

I want a house I can feel in my bones.

I want a house that speaks to me across generations, that includes me in its conversation.

I want a house that doesn’t need to apologize for its rawness.

I want a house that holds time like warm tea in a cup, warming me inside with its resilient joy.

I want a house that is with me, not over me or anyone else.

I want a house that knows it is temporary, a monument to the living not the impressing.

I want a house that is humble because only then can we greet each other with kindness.

I want a house that speaks to the earth as a friend not a burden.

I want a house that rests lightly with few demands and much spirit.

I want a house that knows the measure of all its parts and gives them all their due.

I want a house whose credentials are in the living.

I want a house whose shadows do no harm.

I want a whose whose quirks breathe with ancient knowledge.

I want a house that gives me back my past and a future to be proud of.

I want a house that has faith in me and that I can have faith in.

I want a house that like me is just happy to be here.

I want a house whose dignity is simple and with a known merit.

I want a house that gently takes its place on the earth.

I want a house that meets the moment with me.