“You know that the antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest? … The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness.”
― David Whyte

2018 Discussion Call Recordings

January, 2018

Culture, Sensitivity And Co-Creating

Introduction To The Culture Framework

This call gives an overview of the course, the 'why' of the course and an introduction to the culture framework which will help us master our sensitivity.


Introduction To The Nature Framework

In this call, we learn about the nature-based framework and the core value of teamwork as a basis for constructive living and alignment with our best and true self.

February, 2018


Cultural Framework And Change

In this call we discuss culture and change, barriers to change, the change process and negative bias as a factor in change.



We discussed empowerment, authenticity and the benefits of craft in claiming our power and true selves.

March, 2018


Grounding And The Beige Meme System

In this call, we discuss grounding, simplicity, and presence as paths to integrity and claiming our power.


Innocence, Grounding And Forgiveness

We discuss the challenges of staying open to life in spite of the hardships and challenges we encounter and by learning how to forgive.

April, 2018


The Tribal System

In this call we discussed intuition and the tribal system as well as shame as a cultural construct.


Wonder And Intuition

In this call, we talked about shame-based development vs soul-based development, tension exercises for greater social and process control.

May, 2018


The Empire System

In this video, we discuss the Red Empire meme system, what independence is and why people can be labeled as troublemakers.



Most sensitive people struggle with aggressive energies. In this video we discuss ways to channel red energies so they can be used productively. 

June, 2018


The Authoritarian System

In this call, we discuss the authoritarian system, how control is created and the issue of sacrifice and authenticity.



In this call, we discuss emotional issues and beliefs that keep people stuck and the challenge of ecocentric adolescence.

July, 2018


The Achievist System

In this call, we discuss the Orange meme system, capitalism, individualistic meme systems and animal spirits, and all the different factors that make capitalism such a challenging system for sensitive people. 


The West

In this call, we discuss developing our visionary capabilities by moving into the West part of the Nature-Based Wheel Of Development.

August, 2018


The Egalitarian System

In this call, we discuss the Green meme system, egalitarianism, and the many new benefits that will come from this emerging cultural system. 


Authoritarian Wounding

In this call, we discuss authoritarian wounding as the source of most woundedness so we can get clear about it and heal from it.

September, 2018


The Integrative System

In this call, we discuss the Yellow Integrative meme system, the first meme system of the second tier of the Spiral.  We also discuss denial, the law of attraction and the transition to Tier 2.


Emotions And The North

This audio discusses the value of important emotions to turn them to positive use and the North Nurturing Generative Adult the mature leader in all of us.

October, 2018


The Holistic System

A talk about the holistic meme system, Turquoise and the challenge of loyalty in handling change of all kinds.


The Loyal Soldier And Emotional Exercises

This talk is about mastering the Loyal Soldier and  the emotional exercises that let us release it and be fully emotionally integrated.

November, 2018


Manifestation And Change

This talk discusses how cultures claim and maintain members, how to create change and how spiral change works. 


Manifestation And Sensitivity

This talk discusses manifestation: how to define it, holding space and the archetypes of manifestation.

December, 2018


Manifestation And Change

This talk offers an overview of the course benefits and integrates the frameworks with visions and dreams.