A Quantum Healing Program For Sensitive People And Empaths

What do you think about when you think of joy? A pretty feeling? Fun? Pleasure?

Joy can be fun and pleasant but is actually deeper and more complex than that.

Joy comes from meeting the moment in a way that enriches the spirit. It serves the individual good and the common good. Joy serves aliveness and quality of life and creates both peace and satisfaction at the same time. 

Joy transcends survival so it serves more than the short term; it respects our need to protect the long-term as well. Joy accepts challenges without creating unnecessary adversity. Joy connects us with the goodness of the world and its people, creates healthy mutuality while being grounded in reality. Joy makes reality something beautiful.

In order to welcome joy into our lives, we need to make space for it. If we are in stress and pain, our energetic space will not be available for joy. We can change that.

When we do, we discover that joy is its own reward.

The Importance Of Joy In Transformative Times

We are living in amazing times. It can seem scary and daunting because of the very big danger of environmental collapse. At the same time, it is obvious that we need to rebalance our relationship with the earth and each other.  Addressing those needs can provide purpose and working towards them can bring much joy to ourselves and others. 

Survival has been the human story for thousands of years. for obvious reasons. Nonetheless, as in anything, it is fair to question whether we have gone overboard in creating and maintaining survival fear-based programming.

Fear goes off the rails when it is the dominant energetic connection we have with life and also when it is the primary story of our culture. There are many reasons why this can happen:

    • fear-based family structures
    • trauma
    • long-term childhood abuse
    • a culture dominated by a fear-based leadership
    • real experiences of violence and war
    • the inability to meet basic needs in a healthy way
    • lack of access to necessary resources for meeting life's needs in the present and the future
    • deteriorating conditions in your area and culture.

Many people have been working on healing from all of the fear-based pain of the past including many sensitive people. We are fortunate to live at a time when healing options have improved considerably so that now we can more easily leave the legacy of the past behind.

Let's Talk Joy...


Joy is quite amazing when you think about it. It shows up in so many ways and so many moments; it is an energetically nuanced experience.

Joy is not just fun or pleasure. It is deeper, richer, and more satisfying. Joy has the energy of kindness and nourishment. Its passion has a cherishing quality. Because it is a reward unto itself, it takes us out of the push-pull of approval and reward-based culture enabling us to create goodness for ourselves and others. It can also provide a way to create greater feelings of safety for ourselves and others.

All of the possible nuanced expressions of joy in our world need people who are able to perceive and foster it. Since sensitive people are the nuance masters of the human race, I can think of no better group to become champions of joy. 

The Path To Joy

There is much in our world to dampen our joy especially right now. We all want joy but it seems so difficult to find and sustain. Why is that?

Have you ever noticed that animals have no trouble with joy? There is a reason for that:  joy is their natural state and their anchor for navigating life. When they eat, they seek that which brings them joy which is also healthy for them. Ayurveda, the ancient health care system, will also tell you that joy or bliss is your natural state. Health and joy are highly correlated.

Our troubled world has made finding and living from a place of joy difficult. Thanks to modern quantum healing tools, however, we now have what we need to create a joy-based life for ourselves. You will learn how in this 8-week program when we begin to remove your limiting beliefs, heal your old and inherited wounds, and help you reconnect with your natural joyful nature. We will also address the important issue of safety while doing so.

When you do those things you move into a natural state of flow that serves you and others. Your inner self will have an easier time speaking to you so that you can find your path in life more clearly. Clarity will be easier.

Being sensitive can be challenging but it can also be joyful. We can do this!

How Do We Create Joy?

I will let you in on a few secrets:

  • The easiest way to effect change is to do so by being happy with where you are. 
  • Many negative energies are inherited and have to be released along with the painful experiences of your current life. 

This may seem counterintuitive but bear with me. When you are happy with where you are you create change by inviting it into your life. You do not have to force it, so what comes, comes voluntarily. We all have had the experience of someone demanding what they want in an entitled way and it does not feel good to be on the receiving end. It can feel disrespectful. 

Being happy with where you are does not mean liking everything in your life. It does not mean having to walk around with a pollyannish attitude. It means being satisfied with yourself, who you are as a person, and the values you live by. You embrace who you are and you are happy being you.

Sometimes someone does a lot of healing and forgiveness and cannot understand why they are still struggling. That is because so much of our belief systems are inherited. We have to release our inherited past, whether it resides in us genetically or comes from historic beliefs from cultural systems of the past that have their own belief structures.. When you release them you release their claim on your life and energy and are free to create what you want.  

When you are not happy with where you are, or you are deflated or have recurring patterns that you do not understand, we can change your energy and the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck so you can feel much happier with yourself.  Are you over-responsible? Do you feel a lot of guilt and fear? When you transform these energies bringing you down, it will be easier for you to invite in the changes you want - and deserve.

The past fifty years and more have seen an explosion in healing techniques developed from new insights in mind-body consciousness. Candace Pert, Deepak Chopra, cognitive neuroscientists, and biologists have been learning about the relationship between mind and body. Bridging science and spirit has been the work of pioneer biologist, Bruce Lipton whose work has demonstrated the connection between the mind and our physical and emotional state.  You can read an article here from the US National Library Of Medicine that explains his learning about this topic.

Quantum healing meditation techniques like those of Melanie Tonia Evans on healing from narcissistic abuse and Theta Healing™, a proven technique for transforming our energy, have emerged to apply these insights. I know from personal experience how helpful they are. Quantum healing addresses not only your experience in this life but also inherited biases, beliefs, and traumas, which makes it perfect for sensitive people and empaths who want to use their time and energy in healthy and humane ways. In this program designed specifically for sensitive people and empaths, you will discover how quantum healing can help you:

Connect you with your goodness

Clear fears about being different and unsafe

Eliminate stuckness and move into a flow state

Transform limiting beliefs of all kinds

Release connections that do not serve

Strengthen your aura protection

Clear blocks to manifesting and your natural creativity

Feel stronger, safer, and more secure

Come home to yourself

The Program


Over 8 weeks we will have discussions and healings on these topics:

    1. Love Your Human Self
    2. Accept Yourself As A Sensitive Person
    3. Release Anxiety And Overwhelm
    4. Heal Wounds And Trauma
    5. Rebalance Relationships
    6. Claim Natural Boundaries
    7. Learn To Manifest
    8. Return To Your Self

Imagine a feeling of inner and outer congruence from releasing the old tapes about who you "should" be. 

Imagine the inner satisfaction of being in right relationship with your natural gifts and the times you are living in.

Imagine feeling loved for who you are and being able to love the beautiful human being that you are.

Imagine feeling safe.

Sound good? If so, you are in the right place. Let's get started!

The Magic Of Joy


Each week, you will have a live healing call. You will begin with a worksheet on that week's healing topic to be followed by a live call on the following Sunday. During the week, you will be able to explore where you feel blocked and limited in some way through the worksheets and also discussions in the community. Then we will do a healing on the topic to release unhelpful energies and free you to live as you would like in joy. 

Live healing calls on Zoom.
Short audio healing recordings for a daily supportive practice.
Exploratory worksheets
Solution-based discussions about the weekly topics and your particular challenges.
Resources to explore new options for yourself through additional courses and information in the Emerging Sensitive Community.
24/7 app for accessing program and community.
Lifetime access to the program information and the community.

We are all conditioned to fit in and conform. However, we are created to reform and redefine to be human. Creating is all about expressing our own unique self. Maria's course material and coaching provided me with knowledge and safety to stop the resistance and move into the awareness of my being.

Tammy Junker

Maria's deep knowledge of how Highly Sensitive People work is only paired by her kindness and willingness to listen. During the course, you will be not only learning from Maria, but you will be able to actively exchange opinions, ideas, and receive feedback from her. This ongoing learning experience makes the course incredibly interactive and engaging! Moreover, the online community really does make a difference. I was able to meet like-minded people with whom I felt comfortable enough to share very private and intimate issues. I was also able to network with some of the other attendees, learning more about their life journeys and careers, which it a great added value! Basically, the course feels like a "fireside chat" with friends and colleagues in which you learn by experience. I would recommend it to anyone, not only HSPs!

Ginevra Are, Intercultural Trainer from Italy relocated to LA


Maria E. Hill is the creator of the Sensitive Evolution Course for Highly Sensitive People, (HSPs), which has been a valuable tool for my self-growth. I am 79- years old and have had many years of various therapies and many other teachings about how to understand myself and others, and find my place and role in our often confusing world.

Maria is a gentle, compassionate, and brilliant guide whose course has guided me through the stressful task of finding myself, in and out of the many variations of my personal culture. She has gifted me with a higher and deeper level of understanding my personal and work relationships, and how to deal with other Life challenges. I have learned to appreciate my HSP qualities and skills, and have more confidence as a creative leader in today’s world.

Sensitive Evolution has also helped me understand the biodynamics of other cultures and I have learned to build my patience and compassion muscles more each day as an HSP who is very different than many people. I wish that everyone could experience Maria’s creative understandings of our present cultural chaos and share in her maturity and wisdom.

Judith Fine-Sarchielli, Life And Marketing Coach

Maria's foundation course has helped me to shine a more reassuring and informed light on my high sensitivity. This has helped me to feel kinder to myself in the now, more positive about my past and more hopeful for the future. I feel lighter and brighter and I can share this energy with my loved ones which is a pleasure. I am delighted to have started this journey and look forward to future Emerging Sensitive courses.'s foundation course has helped me to shine a more reassuring and informed light on my high sensitivity. This has helped me to feel kinder to myself in the now, more positive about my past and more hopeful for the future. I feel lighter and brighter and I can share this energy with my loved ones which is a pleasure. I am delighted to have started this journey and look forward to future Emerging Sensitive courses.

Claire, Health Coach

Emerging Sensitive Course is a great opportunity to meet like-minded souls around the globe. Together with Maria and the participants, I learned how to mindfully value HSP skills. Finally, the course offered me the opportunity for a bigger picture perspective, something I highly estimate and now use in my everyday life - business and private. Last but not least I enjoy knowing that there is an HSP home out there. Maria you rock, thank you for offering this amazing opportunity! Keep doing what works so well already 🙂

Regina Reinhardt, Senior Cross-Cultural Executive Coach, Switzerland/Greece

The Emerging Sensitive course provided me with a new way of looking at myself and others, based on human evolution. This helped me to feel more understanding and less judgmental of both myself and others. It also increased my confidence in my HSP self and in my observations, thinking, and choices. In my opinion, this content should become standard public knowledge, which would really improve teamwork on every level of society.